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Half Marathon Wrap-Up

So the BIG DAY was yesterday (march 16), the DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon was a success! Out of some miracle, Thank you God, it didn’t rain. . .yes you read that right the Lord blessed me with no rain the entire time. It was one of my biggest fears going in to the race on Saturday morning with a 70% chance of rain. The other miracle being the bad right knee, which also was good the entire race. I am not sure if the adrenaline pushed me, or the crowds, or the bands along the way, or the great supporters but something helped push me through all 13.1 miles. I know they have said it before, but you do more than the 13.1, in fact my phone said it was 13.7, that is more than a half mile over what I signed up for, but I digress.

We looked good at the start! Ready to go, despite the threat of rain and it was still dark, and a bit cold!


It was a good race, although the hills were killer at times . . . I believe the hill just before mile 6 was INSANE! We were lucky enough to have some family/friends at the top of the hill cheering us on. I never realized how important having people along the way would be. We had people at mile 1 (then we went through the park for a while), mile 6, mile 7, mile 10 and somewhere between 10 and 11. The last 3 miles were a bit rough but we made it through. It was great to cross the finish line and know that I completed my first half marathon. I still haven’t decided if I will do another, but at least I can cross this off the bucket list!

Today I feel pretty sore, but mainly only when I have been sitting for along time and get up again. I went to my parents hotel room and had a soak in the hot tub there. After they left I went for a massage, hoping to relax the muscles. I am thinking it will take a few days to feel “normal” again.

Thanks to everyone that followed along my journey! Now I just need to figure out what the next goal will be for me!


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