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Reward Weekend

People it’s finally here! I have a whole weekend of no training runs and rewards. A few months back I talked about rewards along the way, well that never really happened so this weekend I am treating myself. I have  a little extra money because of my tax refund and I have decided to take advantage and do a few things.

First off I bought my new toy! It’s a Polar Heart Rate Monitor . . . and yes it’s pink . . . and yes I am not usually a pick girl but this just caught my eye. I only got it today so I am excited to use it next week!


Tomorrow I am also going to get my hair cut! It hasn’t been touched since November so it’s definitely in need of some TLC. I am also spending time with one of my besties . . . so I am sure shopping or girlie stuff is sure to happen! I am hoping she wants to go for manicures, but if not I may save that till Sunday.

What have you done to reward yourself lately?



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