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It’s OK Thursday, week 4

It’s been a crazy week for me! Nothing has gone quite according to plan . . . yes you read that right NOTHING!! I am trying to remind myself that I deal well with change and life happens when we are busy making plans. But folks you know me, you know I plan, you know I like plans, and when things don’t go according to them it makes m a bit frustrated. But the weekend is fast approaching, I am working from home tomorrow (so I can sleep a little later) and today is It’s OK Thursday! Visit Brunch with Amber to join the link up.


It’s OK . . .

  • that even though I didn’t work out all week I am going home tonight and not to the gym, just not feeling well!
  • to really be excited to work from home tomorrow, and secretly happy that I have no evening plans.
  • to wish that sometimes life would go according to plan when you need it the most.
  • but also be happy for unexpected plans that happen to form at the last minute.
  • to be slightly annoyed because figuring out what to eat is never easy!

What’s OK with you on this dreary Thursday?



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