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Patience and Perseverance

So as I mentioned recently my inability to be patient and wait is ridiculous! On top of that I like to plan. I plan the heck out of things. Sometimes my weekends are so planned I forget to leave room to just relax. So today I looked at my horoscope (yes I get them emailed to me daily) and saw this:

There is no reason to assume that everything has to be grounded and organized in order to make sense, Linda. Feel free to take the fresh approach to things today whereby you simply throw caution to the wind and embrace whatever crazy circumstances come your way. Exercise your powers of flexibility and don’t be so concerned with having everything planned out before taking action. Life is meant to be full of unknowns.

Now I don’t live and die by horoscopes and a lot of time they are just for fun, yet somehow applicable. Most likely this has to do with the very general nature in which they write them. I mean really it’s almost always possible to see how it sorta relates. Well today folks I was like “WHOA HOLD THE PHONE, Shut the door, this is my life to a tee right now.” I do have the possibility of being flexible and I am OK when plans changes so I really need to listen to the above statement, “throw caution to the wind and embrace whatever crazy circumstances come your way.” I really don’t want to ruin the good things that I KNOW are in my future and I want to live in the moment . . . so I am going to try really hard to have patience, persevere and know that everything happens for a reason and in due time.  Oh and that thing I was holding hostage I set free 🙂

What are you waiting on?




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