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Wednesday Wishes #4

This will be a quick edition of Wednesday Wishes. I need to focus right now!

Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday Wish is . . .

  • That this weekends plans work themselves out! I am stressing more than I should right now.
  • That I get some great finds on my shopping excursion on Sunday.
  • That my conversation with someone goes well tonight, I am really kind of dreading it!
  • That the warm weather will really get here and stay here. I tired of wearing gloves every morning.
  • That I will find ways to challenge myself again at work.
  • That my lack of motivation at the gym is just temporary and since I start training for a 10K next week it will be back!

Please share your Wednesday Wishes!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes #4

  1. Hey Lindy!

    I wish you well on the conversation. I know how “those” conversations go. In December, I had to confront one of my old high school friends who I found out was lying to me about A LOT of things (she was telling stories and making up things about her life for a long time). I actually found out about the lies in June/July last year, but I waited until December to confront her… and it was really hard. It didn’t turn out well. She and I aren’t friends anymore. But I’ve learned to just deal, to give it over to God and let Him deal with the issues.

    Hopefully your conversation isn’t that serious though, and I hope it goes smoothly tonight.

    What kind of challenges are you looking for at work, if you don’t mind me asking?

    I think everyone’s struggling with motivation lately. It’s hard, especially with the cold temperatures though. You can do it! Good luck with your 10K.

  2. The conversation went better than expected! I was happy to get it over with, but since I knew God was with me the whole time I felt it had to go pretty well. Plus I have a really good support system.

    Challenges at work…that’s hard to define. I think I am just looking for something new to work on.


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