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Be your own Motivation (Monday)

Sometimes you just need to be your own motivation! I decided this morning that I just couldn’t get out of bed at 6AM to workout. I know I made the right decision I was just not feeling all that well when I woke up. I decided to sleep for another hour, and although I still didn’t feel great I forced myself to come to work. I figured calling in sick on a Monday is never good unless you are REALLY REALLY sick and well folks I wasn’t. My tummy didn’t like me very much but I powered through. Then I took a look at the weather and just knew I needed to be outside! I needed to feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face. I needed to breath the fresh air, although I might pay for that later when I have a sinus headache. So I decided to get my run done early today and do it at lunch time. Luckily I am a good planner and had a full set of clothes to change in to work out with and some “stuff” to clean up after since I don’t have access to a shower at work.

I walked outside and instantly felt the love on the sunshine and warmness that I have missed these last couple of months. I was able to run in a t-shirt! No fleece, no gloves, no long sleeve shirt required. I only had my phone with me (no need for tissues) and my heart rate monitor on! It was a great run! I felt great and I went the fastest I have gone, EVER!

So today I am my own motivation!




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