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Wednesday Wishes, #5

The sun is finally shining and the warm weather has arrived! Although I know we should be in spring the weather is teasing us with 80 – 85 degree days and I want to play like it’s summer! But sadly the 60 degree days will be back by the weekend.

Join me in Wednesday Wishes!

Wednesday Wishes


My Wednesday Wish is . . .

  • That my training for my 10K continues to go well! I did 2 really good runs this week and have another one on Saturday.
  • That I have a chance to get my nails done in the next few days. They are looking rough.
  • That my trainings (on 3 different topics) go well today, tomorrow and Friday.
  • That my boy will put me out of my suspense (I am not good at waiting) and make things official.
  • That I will hear about a few of the possibilities that I have put out there.
  • That I can focus on my healthy eating again and stop making choices that make me feel sick. I do know the difference now I need to follow it.

Please share your Wednesday Wishes!


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