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It’s OK Thursday, #7

Oh Thursdays how I love thee! Today is especially good because I delivered a training this morning that went well and had the morning fly by because it was so interactive and because I have off tomorrow!


It’s OK. . .

  • to be excited to be engaged and but dreading the wedding planning.
  • to be really happy to have friends that have “stepped up” and really show how much they care during this happy time in my life.
  • to be disappointed how others have shown a lack of interest and sad what that means for the future.
  • to be missing out on all of my workouts because I need to find a place to get married (in a short amount of time).
  • to wish I could have a night “off” from life.
  • to be SUPER EXCITED about my weekend plans (more to come on that next week).
  • to go out of your way to try the new Dunkin Donuts just because it has a drive thru!
  • to love sleeping with the windows open and then sad when you wake up with a headache from the pollen.
  • to totally watch this online and tear up! I dare you to watch and not have some emotion (if you are an American)

What’s OK with you this week?

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One thought on “It’s OK Thursday, #7

  1. Stopping by from It’s Okay Thursday hop. I love these posts! I saw that video on the new this morning. Very cool! America is so united. I love it! Stacie xo


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