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Wednesday Wishes, #7

Lucky number 7! Which means I have also been doing Wednesday Wishes for 7 weeks! Won’t you join me in posting a wish or two?

Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday Wish is . . .

  • That I don’t hurt anyone during this wedding planning process. I get that it’s only 6 months away and a lot of decisions need to be made but is it really the ONLY thing we need to talk about?
  • That I can learn to bask in the glow of engagement and not stress about wedding planning (carried over because I am still trying to do this)
  • That we have a nice weather weekend visiting fiancée’s parents.
  • That my plan for tonight goes well!
  • That I can continue to use running as my escape from stress. It has worked so far, too bad I get snapped back to reality so quickly.
  • That I have a chance to enjoy the nice weather today before the rain.

Please share your Wednesday Wishes!



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