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Wednesday Wishes #8

Welcome to week 8 of Wednesday wishes! This week is insane so it will be really quick!

Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday wish:

  • is that I find a wedding dress this weekend!
  • is that we we have nice weather this weekend so I can take my runs outside
  • to enjoy myself in this process called life a little more and not stress about the small stuff
  • to understand (or really remember) I can not control everything!

What are you Wednesday Wishes?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes #8

  1. Hello!
    I know what you mean about stressing the small stuff. I’m always getting worked up emotionally about something, and everyone always tells me, “Rebecca, you’re too hard on yourself.” or “You put way too much pressure on yourself.” Even the new girl I trained at work today told me that. And she just met me today. Ahhh. Is it really that obvious?

    Best wishes on finding a wedding dress.

    Be blessed!


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