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It’s OK Thursday, #10

So much to do, so little time. . .but I managed some time for blogging


It’s OK. . .

  • to be so happy for a day out of the office to go to a workshop. I love learning new things and hopefully meeting new people.
  • to be feeling good about my workouts, but sometimes it’s ok to take a few days off.
  • to be in love with my wedding dress . . . yes that means I bought one this weekend.
  • to be smile when you receive a text your fiancee telling you about good plans.
  • to look forward to birthday surprises.
  • that sometimes you just want to escape from the world.
  • to have a meltdown in front of the one person that actually knows how to make it better.

What’s OK with you this week?

Post your own “It’s OK Thursday” blog post then link up with A Complete Waste of Makeup and  Brunch with Amber


2 thoughts on “It’s OK Thursday, #10

  1. Ahhhhh! Congratulations on buying your wedding dress. I’ve heard ladies say that when you find the dress, you just “know” it’s the one! Did you “know” when you tried it on? 😀

    I’m excited for you. Oooh, birthday surprises? When’s your birthday? Mine was in December.

    Good job with the workouts! You do well, I know you do. 🙂



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