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It’s OK Thursday, #11

So it’s a sad day because today is technically the last It’s OK Thursday Link up with A Complete Waste of Makeup and  Brunch with Amber. Who knows what I will post then! Maybe I will continue for a little while.


It’s OK. . .

  • to be have a really bad run but feel accomplished because at least you got out there.
  • to love flower bouquets, but also be tired of the smell. There are lots of lilies, may need to get rid of them to save my allergies.
  • that some days you just don’t want to work anymore, and I like my job but wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t have to work.
  • to be excited that it’s 148 days till the wedding.
  • to be SUPER excited about my egg muffins that I made for breakfast this week. They are super easy and very tasty, now I need to buy more eggs.
  • to really want to see the Great Gatsby in the theater even though it got bad reviews. Any one want to go?
  • to love getting a manicure than be super annoyed you WASTED $15 because it chips 2 days later, that’s why I love the gel nails . . . but really $35 people come on!
  • to love getting to work early because that means you get to leave earlier to see your man!
  • to be annoyed that 6AM is my new standard wake up time, even though my alarm doesn’t go off that time each day.
  • to have no idea what to do at 6AM when you don’t have to leave the house till 7:30 and you don’t want to watch TV.

What’s OK with you this week?

Oh and here are the flowers I was referring to:

Photo May 13, 6 58 26 PM


2 thoughts on “It’s OK Thursday, #11

  1. I have heard so-so reviews about the Great Gatsby but I usually never listen to reviews because I end up loving what people hate. Enjoy it!

    Stopping by from Its OK!

  2. Yeah, when I have a “bad” workout, I at least feel good, knowing that I at least tried. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who feels that way!

    I have not read the book The Great Gatsby yet, but I heard people say the movie’s pretty good. I will see it… sometime in the near future!

    Your bouquet of flowers looks beautiful. 🙂

    Down to the 140s on your countdown. Awesome! I wish I could go to work earlier so I could leave earlier. But I still work in retail/food service, so I can’t clock in too early. Bleh. And I go when I’m approved to go!


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