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High Five for Friday!

Well we all know I love link up! plus I love being able to have something to talk about, so why not link up with Lauren Elizabeth and her blog, From My Grey Desk. I found the link up through my good friend over at Snickerdoodle State of Mind, so you should check her out too! H54Fbutton1: First up, with no picture is dinner at home after a long day. The boy said we should make something at home instead of going out, best choice! And way healthier even if we did eat hamburgers and mac-n-cheese. We had a salad too!
#2: This was from Motivation Monday, I am in love with my life right not so wanted to share again! monday#3: Wedding cake tasting! That’s today and I am uber excited…what a fun way to spend an afternoon. And how cool would this cake be?cake#4: First gift off the registry! That’s so fun. . . a cute gift from  my brother and his girlfriend. ring#5: My new hair! I like it a lot, although not sure if everyone does!400749_10200709332190975_1019201221_nJoin me in High Five Friday!



One thought on “High Five for Friday!

  1. That is an adorable little ring holder! (That is what it is, right? Haha)
    I can’t wait to hear about cake tasting!! Mmmmm! Is the groom getting his own cake? I hear that might be a southern thing because everyone looks shocked when I say it, but I bet your groom would want one! 🙂


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