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High Five for Friday, #2

So it’s Friday. . . YAY! But for me it was a weird week because I was only in the office for 2 days, although I am working today I am doing it from my couch. I am having a plumbing issue so I am waiting for them to come to hopefully fix it! I am hoping even more that it’s a problem with the building pipes, since i live in a condo, rather than me! Because then I don’t have to pay for it.

Here’s another installment for High Five for Friday! Courtesy of Lauren.


I made a cute collage this week instead of the separate posts:


1: Flowers: I am hoping these will be what my wedding bouquet is going to be similar to. I talked with Jim’s sister in law on Sunday (she is going to do them) and she said it’s totally do able and for less than my budget likely, even better!

2: Jim and I had a quick getaway which was definitely the highlight of my week. So Monday night we had dinner at the Harvest restaurant, it was very yummy.

3: Asti: Gotta love free sparkling!

4: Of course the massage was AWESOME! It was very relaxing, and in fact felt relaxed for a few days after. Ah how I love massages. Plus the Chocolate Spa is the perfect escape. We enjoyed peace, quite, tranquility and of course chocolate.

5: A sneak peak at my invitations. I am hoping these are what come through after a friend starts to work on the design.

Join me in High Five for Friday! What’s good stuff happened to you this week?



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