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Motivation Monday

Lately I have been struggling with the whole eating healthy, working out thing. I know my body has felt the difference and I just need to commit to it every day! This past weekend I did a 10K with a friend. We truly were not well prepared because neither of us trained enough. It was hot, humid, hazy . . . typical DC warm weather. We continue to say JUST KEEP GOING! So folks that’s what I need to do in all aspects of my life. I can’t do the same  thing every day and expect different results, I can’t eat like the boy, and I certainly can’t slack off on my workouts.  So I am recommitting and I am going to KEEP GOING!

keep going

One day this will hopefully all just sink in and not be something I have to actively think about but second nature. If you have succeeded in making it second nature how did you do it?


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