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Wednesday Wishes, #13

Lucky #13! Yes you read that correctly, 13 is my lucky number, not cursed. So today’s Wednesday Wishes are going to be a hybrid of past and future. Since It’s OK Thursday has gone away I figured I could combine things a bit.

Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday wish is:

  • that the dress I have on today with a stain (which i thought this morning was just water) comes out! It’s a fairly new dress and I LOVE it.
  • that I can get out of this moodiness funk I feel, for no good reason too!
  • to embrace some of the changes I need to make and not continue to put them off. It’s not going to change if I don’t deal with it.
  • to find a time to get to Iron Bridge (yes I know first world problems)!
  • to run today, yes I know I just need to make it happen.

What’s your Wednesday Wish?



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