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High Five For Friday! (#5)

I find it amusing that today is H54F and it’s my 5th week linking up with the post! I am linking up with Lauren.



I had some fun playing with the collage today, but it’s kind of small. Hope you don’t mind.

1. Margarita Mondays at Chili’s YUMMY! And it’s sad for me to admit but it’s one of my favorite restaurants. 2. Tiara, yes I am a child and want one! Or maybe just a princess in disguise.
3. Chocolate covered raisins. . . my new obsession from Trader Joe’s!
4. Pretty french manicured nails! I got them done yesterday and love how they look. They are gels too which means they should last a while.
5. Runner Girl – might be hard to see but I promise that’s what it is! I received it as our “medal” for the Zooma 10K. I really like this meddle because it’s something I have actually worn.

So what’s your High Five for Friday?


One thought on “High Five For Friday! (#5)

  1. Lindy!!

    I apologize for not reading your blog for a long time! I’m back now! How are you?
    Your French manicure looks BEAUTIFUL. Is that what you’re walking down the aisle in, or do you have another wedding manicure in mind?

    We don’t have many Chili’s here in Ohio, but I did get to eat at one on my way back from my friend’s wedding in September. It was at the Atlanta airport… I had cheese sticks and Coke for breakfast. Haha! It was my first time ever at the ATL airport tho, and I was too nervous to explore too much during my layover… I do like to explore. Haha.

    No thanks on chocolate covered raisins! Chocolate covered pretzels though? 🙂

    So… I see you’ve been finding other link-ups since It’s Okay Thursday? Me too! On Fridays, I’ve started linking up with “Happies and Crappies.” It’s been fun! Today was week #2 for me. Well, hope to hear from you soon! Byes.


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