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Wednesday Wishes, #16

So this week’s Wednesday Wishes is going to also focus on what I like to call “first world problems” (you know what I mean).

Wednesday WishesMy Wednesday Wish is:

  • that deciding on what to have for a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) wasn’t so dang difficult!
  • that I could figure out what I am going to do with all my “stuff” when I move in with the boy in October.
  • that I could get started on all the DIY projects I want to do and  have an unlimited amount of space to store them all (which is why I haven’t started, not sure what to do with them once they are done).
  • that we get a sneak peek of some our engagement photos soon, I need to know what I am working with!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes, #16

  1. Hello! My name is Andrew. Great blog you have there. Interesting. I shall look further into it! I liked your post. Would you mind if you could check out my blog and probably give me a follow?

  2. Hello, again! I love that photo of you! Your hair looks amazing! Is that the final hair style for the wedding, or are you still looking?
    I wish we had a Dunkin Donuts around here. Yum. Starbucks gets too expensive, and Panera’s good… but it’s where I work. I need a nice coffee getaway that’s local and fits in the pocketbook…

    And…. it looks like I clicked on the wrong entry… I meant to click on Friday’s entry. Ooops. Well, I’ll respond to this one, too. 🙂

    I hope to see a couple of those engagement photos in here. I bet they look really good!
    Oh, I know… I am a hopeless cook. I still eat like a college student… and that’s not good. I need to put my practice into cooking nice wholesome meals… it’ll be good and good for me,


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