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High Five for Friday, #6

Welcome to one of my favorite link ups, mainly because it means it’s Friday!! I am linking up with Lauren.


PicMonkey Collage3

  1. I had my hair and makeup done on Sunday to give a stylist an audition for the wedding. I am in LOVE with her!
  2. White sandy beach dreams. . . We are set and ready for our honeymoon to the beautiful location above! Now if October would just get here so I can take 10 days off that would be great 🙂
  3. I am in love with this design a friend created! We are using it for a few wedding things.
  4. Iced Coffee from Dunkin! Need I say more? Really though I have been very lucky to still be using my gift from Sherri for this yummy goodness!
  5. Dinner! We made sausage, peppers and onions. I added some diced tomatoes too. . . it was really tasty!

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