Wednesday Wishes, #18

happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are doing well.

Wednesday WishesMy Wednesday Wish is:

  • to find a new home for my cats. I put Charlie (the sweet one) up on Craig’s List hoping to see if that can help. And I know this has been a wish for a while.
  • that this weird anxiety feeling I get when I think of all the stuff that has to happen in the next few months goes away.
  • that I find time to do all the things on my “to do” list.
  • that i measure tonight and see a difference since I did squats for the last 30 days! Only 50 more left of my 250 today.

What is your Wednesday Wish?


Never Ever Ever Linkup!

So yes I know I said I would post more than link-ups but lately my writers block is getting the best of me. So instead I bring you The Never Ever Ever Linkup


I Never Ever Ever….

  • will understand how one gets a cold in the summer. The weird part is I bet I can pinpoint where the germs came from this weekend that caused me to wake up feeling like crap. I should have known it was coming since I felt weird all day yesterday!
  • want to stop attending concerts. And I am sad that I haven’t made it to one this year. Since you know I am been busy in a new relationship and wedding planning there never seems to be time. So now I have my eye on the Lady Antebellum/Kip Moore tour coming  this fall. I am hoping they make an East coast appearance!
  • want to plan a wedding again! This one is stressful enough. Maybe a vow renewal to the same guy, but getting divorced isn’t an option for us, so this one should be pretty easy to obtain.

Are you playing along?

Wednesday Wishes, #17

So it’s been a while since I did Wednesday Wishes, so I feel like I should bring it back (at least for this week).


Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday wish is . . .

  • that myself and a few others find ways to relieve the the stress we are feeling right now!
  • to continue my trend of good for me choices in life.
  • to remember that other people’s actions are  not my fault and I can not control them.
  • that the weekend brings nice weather!
  • for the appliance delivery to go smooth on Friday (another added stress).
  • that I continue to find joy in the little things.

What’s your Wednesday Wish?

High Five for Friday!

It’s been a rough week, and for no particulary good reason! So I am happy it’s coming to an end. So instead of a long drawn out complaining fest (because really no one has time for that) Here’s some fun highlights!


PicMonkey Collage1: Fireworks!! Future-Husband and I went to a fireworks show over the weekend. Always fun, even with rain right until they started.

2: Glasses and hair: What you ask is the deal? I got my hair colored/cut and had my glasses on. I think it’s a cute pic that all!

3: 86 temp! Yup and normally who cares?!? But it was before 8AM, I am just saying. And this from someone that loves the heat!

4: breakfast. . . the most important meal of the day. I love Sunday mornings when I have time to make bacon, eggs and a new introduction of potato!

5: My favorite shot of Future-Husband and I even if he doesn’t like my sunglasses on!


What are you High Five for Friday? Link up With lauren.

Still figuring it out . . .

This whole thing called life. I took a break from blogging this week (and some of last week) because I didn’t feel like I had too many adventures to tell you about. Of course a lot happened, yet part of me just wasn’t sure where to start or how to share. Sometimes the blog feels a bit like a job. I love my link-ups (and my own Monday Motivation & Wednesday Wishes) although lately it’s been hard to think of things. I feel like all I write about are wedding updates.

So I am going to take a bit of “break” from blogging. I will update when I feel like I have something to say and may participate in a few link-ups but it won’t be so regularly scheduled.