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Motivation Monday & July Squat Challenge!

I once again had an awesome weekend! I was trying to figure our ways to extend it, but since we have the holiday weekend coming up I figured I would just have to deal with a few days of work again before the fun.

Usually my monday motivation is around fitness, today I am going to give you a little something else. My motivation these days is centered around being healthy for the rest of my life so I can spend lots of time with the ones I love! As you all  know I am getting married in a few short months. So I dedicated today’s motivation to my new best friend!


Oh and because we all need a little fitness, join me in the July squat challenge!


3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday & July Squat Challenge!

  1. Hey Lindy!!
    Wow! That squat challenge definitely sounds like it would make you sore the first couple of days. When you squat, do you do anything with your arms (like wave them up/down, just keep them at your sides, etc.), or do you just squat?
    Aw, I love that sleepover quote! I can’t wait until I find out for myself.

    • It hasn’t been too bad! Although talk to me at day 30 🙂

      I typically break it up, so I don’t do it all at once. And yes I raise my arms as I do it so the start by my side (straight) and come up in front of me to be about head level. Hope that makes sense.


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