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High Five for Friday!

It’s been a rough week, and for no particulary good reason! So I am happy it’s coming to an end. So instead of a long drawn out complaining fest (because really no one has time for that) Here’s some fun highlights!


PicMonkey Collage1: Fireworks!! Future-Husband and I went to a fireworks show over the weekend. Always fun, even with rain right until they started.

2: Glasses and hair: What you ask is the deal? I got my hair colored/cut and had my glasses on. I think it’s a cute pic that all!

3: 86 temp! Yup and normally who cares?!? But it was before 8AM, I am just saying. And this from someone that loves the heat!

4: breakfast. . . the most important meal of the day. I love Sunday mornings when I have time to make bacon, eggs and a new introduction of potato!

5: My favorite shot of Future-Husband and I even if he doesn’t like my sunglasses on!


What are you High Five for Friday? Link up With lauren.


One thought on “High Five for Friday!

  1. Nah. You and I differ on the heat. It dropped down to 50s and 60s the other day here, and I’m like, “Oh Yes!” But we’re going back up again. That’s okay though. It is summer. 😀
    I like your colored hair and glasses look. You look a friend I went to college with. Her name is Britney.
    Stop. Your breakfast is making me hungry. Stop.

    Have a blessed day.


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