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Wednesday Wishes

Hi friends! Welcome to Wednesday Wishes, if this is your first time joining welcome. If you have been here before I would love to hear you Wednesday Wish in the comments section (wordpress doesn’t allow me to do the cool link up thing, at least not that I can figure out)

Wednesday Wishes

So today’s Wednesday Wishes. . .

  • I hope for a little peace in this world! Yes I know that’s a big one, but a lot of the violence that continues to happen is just sad, so I can have a little hope that it stops.
  • I wish for my Thursday night meeting to go well, which will be a blessing and of course lead to some frantic work over the next month.
  • I hope everything goes smoothly at my bridal shower on Saturday. I am sure it will, but hey you never know.

What are you Wednesday Wishes?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes

  1. Hi Lindy!
    I hope your bridal shower went lovely yesterday. Was it more of a church ladies’ bridal shower, or a girls’ bachelorette no-boys-allowed type of celebration? I hope it went great.
    I know what you mean about so much hatred and violence in the world. It makes me give up hope on living my dreams, because some days it seems like the end of the world will be tomorrow, and I won’t get a chance to do more of what I love.

  2. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! Heather.vonstjames(at)gmail.com Thanks!!

  3. Hey Lindy. I’m just checking back to see if you’ve updated recently. Hope you’re well. Thanks for the encouraging response you left in my blog from Thursday’s post. That was awesome to read! 😀


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