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Three day Tuesday

So it’s three days to the big day! I am starting to feel the nerves of it all. Mainly the things I do not have control over. Last night’s dream was that we went to the venue and STILL didn’t have the barrel I got for our gifts. It’s a wine barrel that has a whole cut in it for people to put their cards. Of course if that’s the worst thing to happen we can deal with it!

The weather is also a concern…right now forecast doesn’t look great but I know it’s MD so who knows. It was supposed to be low 40’s and rain on the day of my half marathon in March. It ended up being low 50’s and partly cloudy, we even saw some hints of sun. So really ya just don’t know.

Besides wedding stuff we haven’t done much. Part of me is looking forward to getting my life back, the other part has NO IDEA what I am going to do once I have “time” back in my day. I have spend the last 3 months doing wedding projects. I know for sure I will finally get back to running/gym. I do miss it. I haven’t done any real exercise in a while. Part of me is debating a run on Thursday to relieve some stress, but then I have a fear if twisting an ankle or something!

What’s new on your Tuesday?


2 thoughts on “Three day Tuesday

  1. Ok….
    1. Don’t run Thursday. Take a walk if anything. You do NOT want to injure yourself. I say “relax” as best as you can.
    2. I’m hoping for no rain, but remember…rain on your wedding day is good luck.
    3. When you get your life back and need to kill time, you and I will plan runs together. We’ll need to see each other somehow now that you’re not down the street from me!
    4. Kisses and I’ll see you Thursday!


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