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Five Golden Rings

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 5 golden rings! In this case I am focusing on the golden rings piece. I always thought I would want a princess cut, white gold or platinum engagement ring.


We all know the “ideal” ring we dreamed of. I loved it for years, yet when it came time to get engaged the “what” didn’t matter so much as the meaning of the ring and the importance of why I would want to wear it. My ring is really not what I expected but I love and cherish it. It’s gold (which I wear very little of) but more importantly it’s a family ring. My grandfather bought it for my grandmother in 1950. There were married in 1951, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2001. They lived a happy life (or so I presume looking from the eyes of a grandchild). I was my grandpa’s favorite, known as poppy to me. He meant the world to me and I was his “little” girl. I was devastated when he passed away in 2007. I loved my grandmother fiercely as well! A hole has been missing in my life since she passed away in 2011. They both lived great lives and I was fortunate to be shown how a successful marriage can flourish over a lifetime. I will make my best effort to live a purposeful life to make sure I am doing them proud as they continue to be my angels in heaven, helping to guide my life. We (really my mom) jokes that her parents (the ones I just spoke about) are why I am with Jim. You see my grandparents and Jim’s grandmother lived less than 5 miles from each other. So it’s very likely they knew each other through the catholic church, which both were very involved in. The thought is they (with the help of the Lord) schemed for us to get together. Which is one of the reasons why we knew it was right from nearly day 1.

So my 5 golden rings are dedicated to my own golden rings I wear each day now (the bottom ring is Jim’s which is white gold).


Keeping joining me for my daily version of My 12 days of Christmas!



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