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Eighth day of Christmas of Lindy’s version

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 8 Maids a milking. What are maids a milking anyway? Quite literally it would be 8 women milking a cow. Of course I am not going to talk about cows or maids milking them . . . I will then think of maids, as in maids of honor and bridesmaids.

As you know if you been following the blog, I got married this year. So I had the pleasure of having an awesome bridal party! They were the best, I could not have asked for better. I felt so special, and actually had fun. I don’t typically find wedding related things fun, especially weddings, but even my wedding was fun. My maids hosted 2 bridal showers, one in NY and one in MD, and an awesome bachelorette party! We had the typical night out on the town with great dinner. . . after the enjoyable evening we headed up to Hershey Spa (just 3 of us) for a spa day. It was the perfect way to relax after months and months of planning. It was great to have a few days of relaxation before the wedding. My maids did a great job with thoughtful party ideas and gifts. At the MD shower we played a game where Jim answered all these questions and I had to guess the correct answer, think the newlywed game. They also had guest create cards for the important events in our marriage over the next few years, we had wedding day cards, honeymoon, thanksgiving, first cold day and so many more. Then at the NY shower they gave me bottles of wine with poems for our first year of marriage (thanksgiving, christmas, New Year’s, Easter, anniversary). I also received a kitchen aid mixer. As if all of that wasn’t enough they were all there for me on the most important day of my life so far!



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