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Ladies dancing and Lords-a-Leaping

Since I missed yesterday’s post I am combing day 9 and 10. So on the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 9 Ladies Dancing. On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 10 Lords-a-leaping.

To be honest folks I have not much to tie these 2 ideas to. I can think of ladies dancing and lords a leaping in the literal sense, but of course we don’t life in “olden” times so what exactly would lords-a-leaping look like today? It could be the same as guys dancing. So I can relate it back to the wedding, yes again! It was the first time, probably ever, that I remember dancing so much. And of course there was dancing had by lots of people that night. I don’t remember seeing so many people on the dance floor at other weddings. The DJ was great and had us on our feet, a lot. It probably helped that the true “dancing time” was probably only 2 hours or so. We had quite the tight timeline that night and of course because we got a late start (thanks to the rain) things went even a little faster than originally planned. So we were introduced at 7PM with our first dance, then dinner, then back to dancing. So I guessing full dancing resumed around 8PM. I didn’t have a watch so who knows. The night ended around 10:30PM.

One thought on “Ladies dancing and Lords-a-Leaping

  1. I’ve always liked the imagery of “Nine Ladies Dancing.” Back when the song was written, I always pictured ladies in long dresses and hats, carrying golden candles… or something old-fashioned. Or I’ve enjoyed watching ballroom dancing, with the intent to learn someday. I want to dance with Jesus in heaven. 🙂

    I used to be part of a worship dance team in high school, and we would dance during praise & worship music at church and wear modest dresses and sashes. We would dance with flags, ribbons, glory hoops, etc. It was neat. It was dancing for the King.


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