Happy New Year!

It’s already January 2nd and sometimes I sit and reflect on where time goes. I can certainly say my life is unbelievably different that it was a year ago, and I imagine it might feel the same way come January of 2015. My posts of days past that talked about being in that same place and nothing changes are a thing of the past, and instead I am encouraged by the future and all it’s changes. Somewhere along the way I realized life happens when we least expect it, so plan all you want but take in the little surprises life has in store for you!

I know I have in 2013 and I can say I don’t regret one thing! My year started in Nashville, TN, I completed a half marathon, I got engaged, and 6 short months later I was married! I visited a number if cities in the US and traveled abroad to Aruba!

Stay tuned to 2014 goals coming up!