Summer Lovin!

Summer Lovin’ had me a blast – Summer Lovin’, happened so fast…Ahh how I love summer! It has been an amazing few days and I feel so lucky to live the life I have. Let’s do a quick recap then feel free to share your summer fun.

Thursday night I headed to the Green Turtle to listen to one of my favorite local cover bands The Project. You should check them out, the next show is Thursday at Clyde’s in Columbia. They are an acoustic group of guys (Bob, Eric & Jason) that play all the hits you love to sing along too…just what I love about live music. They even ask for audience participation.

Friday…well I worked, which wasn’t bad, but after that the fun began. Visited with a dear friend and her adorable baby…I cannot get enough of this kid! She has to be one of the best babies I have ever met…and I really don’t like babies. Yes I know, weird, but they aren’t too interactive. Except for this one. She is super active, smiles, laughs is already trying to stand up (and she’s only 5 months old) and she is just generally AWESOME! Here’s a quick look at the cutie!

Saturday’s plans were some what delayed by bad weather…it rained almost all day. We had grand plans to head into DC early, enjoy the sites and walk around but that didn’t happen. But a friend and I braved the elements (maybe I melt in the rain, ok no I don’t but my hair frizzes) and headed down to DC to get our culture groove on. We went to the Capital Fringe Festivalto see Dizzy Miss Lizzie’s Roadside Revue presenting The Brontes. It was a great show, it made me laugh, it made me want to sing, they had me clapping along…totally recommend it (although there is only one show left). We topped the evening off with my favorite fro yo Yogi Castle!

And finally we had Sunday Funday! I did a living social deal for the day of fun. It was crabs, hamburgers, salads, beer, wine, and more for 4 hours….and live music by Millennium at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club just over the Bay Bridge. It was a fun day…despite the lack of sun.

Here was our view (yes that’s the Bay Bridge):

Sadly I don’t swim in the bay…and it had lots of jelly fish, but I did touch sand…so success and closer to my goal of 5 times this year!  I know I can get at least 4 so I need to figure out how to get my 5th time.

So what did your weekend hold?





Totally Awesome Thursday Love

Ok so did the title entice you to read? Good, I was hoping so! It’s Totally Awesome Thursday Love where I am going to list a few of the things I am currently loving about life. In my quest to get over my mixed emotions I am focusing on the positives in life.

  • Summer (yes I know it’s been hot, but really I love summer no matter the temp)
  • Babies (Lots of new babies being born, and I get to visit on Friday with a cutie
  • Coffee (that doesn’t need an explanation does it?)
  • Dresses (I love wearing dresses all summer…so easy! Plus I picked up a few new ones in the last few weeks and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them)
  • Working out (yes you read that correctly! I actually miss it when it doesn’t happen, who knew I would be one of those people, definitely not me)
  • Live music (going to see one of my favorite local bands tonight)
  • Reading (I can never seem to get enough of this! I read every day for fun and really don’t know how to exist without a book)
  • Kane Show (check them out! A great morning show that keeps me entertained on my drive to work)
  • Gwynnie Bee (what’s that you ask, why it’s Netflix for clothes. I have been able to try some new things that I never would have bought on my own)
  • Travel (I have booked a few trips this week for upcoming travel and I am super excited to go and see friends!)
  • #photoadayjuly (this little project has forced me to take a picture a day, even if it’s only with my iphone it’s been fun! Now I need to remember to break out my real camera since it hasn’t been used in nearly a month)

Here’s proof of some of my Thursday love…photos and coffee!

Feel free to add your own things to the list!