art of relaxation . . .

or for me it’s more the art of not being able to relax very long. Sometimes I feel like my attention span is probably equal to the size of a peanut. I had this beautiful view as I ate breakfast one morning sipping on my Starbucks coffee. It’s amazing right!?!


Guess how long I could last just enjoying the view? If you guessed less than 15 minutes you would be right. I kept getting up, kept fighting the urge to move, checked my phone, asked my friend how much longer before we do the next thing, and then began to plan what I would do next. I spent 3 days at the pool/beach and it nearly killed me! I read 3 magazines, 2 books and checked my phone probably 50 times. I also got up usually once an hour to get a drink or use the restroom. You would think I have a problem…but I can focus on some things, relaxation is just not one of them.

In 2006 I went to Italy with one of my best friends, and we spent a week at a resort where our main focus was just to relax. After day 3 she wanted to kill me because I just couldn’t sit there. I know by the end of that vacation I finally decompressed enough to enjoy the surroundings, I mean it was southern Italy, how can you not? But honestly it took every ounce of patience I had to finally get there.

I have been contemplating why I can’t sit and do literally nothing. I wonder if part of my problem is I don’t like spending too much time in my own head. It usually leads to bad things . . . which I probably why I love that my commute has been cut in more than half because spending time in the car, alone, thinking, gets old after a while. Most days on my drive home I would spend the whole time on the phone because it kept me occupied. Luckily now with under 30 minutes (most days 15-20) I don’t have time to get into good thinking mode. Although yesterday I drove about an hour on a boring stretch of road to visit a friend and her new baby and I spent most of that time stuck in my head. Thinking of the what if’s of life and the changes (or lack of change) over the last few years.

See it’s easy to spend the day reading a book or watching tv but just doing nothing is like torture!

How do you get into relaxation mode?

Here’s another beach picture:


Hunger Games done!

Yes i know it’s all the rage, and yes I don’t care! I read all 3 Hunger Games books in like 2 weeks. Weirdly the first book took a while to get into but once you are hooked books 2 & 3 are like crack! I even saw the movie this weekend. It was a good, but the books are definitely better, I felt the same way about Harry Potter. In fact I didn’t like the first Harry Potter movie and so I didn’t see any of the other ones.

After watching and reading the Hunger Games I want a love like Peeta, a love that withstands the crazy turbulence of life. Ok perhaps I don’t want to actually be a tribute, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone willing to do anything to save you. Although I don’t want this person to die for me…but the loyalty he feels towards Katniss is inspiring, and yes I understand it’s a movie (and a book). I haven’t given up hope that my Peeta is out there, but I think it might be time for him to ask for directions. I am a little tired of waiting for him to find me. Or perhaps it’s my butt needs to get out there and look for my Peeta.

January Review of Goals

So i am going to try and keep on top of my 2012 goals and update how I have been doing. So here’s the results:

Goal #1: Put my toes in sand at least 5 separate times. I have a trip planned for the beach in a few months I am counting down!!

Goal #2: Have at least 100 workouts at Curves and 50 more general workouts. I only have 10 workouts for January, not great, but not horrible either since I would hit my 100 Curves, but I need to beef up the general workouts. I do have a plan for that. 

Goal #3: Try on average one new recipe a week and blog about it (that’s 52 recipes). I have been doing this, and many of you have been loving the new recipes. Right now they are mostly crock pot recipes, but I will try to do some more.

Goal #4: Visit at least one new place (I have been in the habit in 2011 and 2010 of going back to old familiar, favorite places but I need to see someplace new in 2012). Nothing happened here yet, but I do have one location planned (same place as number 1). And hopefully some others will happen.

Goal #5: Spend more of my time (not just my money) on doing good in the world. I have not done as much with this as I would like, but i have plans for February so I consider that progress. With my new job it’s hard to commit to something because of travel, but i know I can’t use that as an excuse.

Goal #6: Read more intellectually stimulating books (not just chick lit), goal of 5 this year. It’s early, so I still have time for this one, but right now I am at zero. Do you have a book recommendations for me?

Goal #7: Take at least 10 pictures a month (with my new camera) and blog about them, no iphone photos! So i took way more than 10 photos with the camera, but I only posted 7 this month. But I am motivated to do more!! I will have to ask if I can post photos of people (even if i don’t name them) since I plan on doing a bit of that in Feb.

Goal #8: Make healthier choices when I eat out so I feel better about my food choice. I have been eating sometimes better choices, and I mostly have been leaving food behind, so I think I am doing well with this. I have been eating out more than I would like but at least I am making healthier choices.

Goal#9: Save money and have a Treat Yo Self Day (click the link to see the video this has been inspired by). I haven’t done anything with this, and given the current state of my plans for the next few months I may decide to cancel this goal. It really isn’t a good one for me because I sadly am not great a putting off what i want to do and so would I really be treating myself? Thoughts on this one?

So readers how are you doing with your 2012 goals? Any suggestions on my goals? Thanks for helping keep me on track!

>Rainy Tuesday

>Yes I seem to talk about the weather ALOT but it seems that my mood is directly tied to the weather. Although yesterday was a Monday I was quite happy because it was warm and sunny, and today it’s not. Although I am not completely unhappy I do wish I was snug in my bed or on my couch watching a movie or reading a book. Speaking of books I really need to finish my last in the Girl trilogy, you know the one “Girl Who Played With Fire“. 

I also want to get better about adding pictures to the blog, so I am going to work on that too. Any idea if you can email pictures directly to a blog? Wouldn’t that be fun!!

Ok more later…