Never Ever Ever LinkUp

So linking up again with the Never Ever Ever for Tuesday!


I Never Ever Ever….

  • will forget how hard it is to give up a pet. As much as I know it’s the only choice I have (and I love my soon-to-be husband dearly) it’s going to be really hard this weekend when I bring them to the shelter. I have done my research and know it’s a good place for them to go, but of course I wish all of my searching for a new home paid off and someone would have given them a home.
  • understand why people don’t drink water! It’s the best thing for you, and it helps with lots of “stuff” for your body. I don’t drink soda (except for the occasional ginger ale) and so my “go-to” drink is always water. It’s weird when I hear people say they don’t like it.
  • stop thinking about things “too much”! It’s just my personality. I over think so much, and I get that it doesn’t make things easier. . . thankfully I have a guy that tells me to stop thinking and just let it be.
  • live without my iPhone (of course until them come out with something  better).
  • stop enjoying birthday celebrations! I am happy for my friend that has a birthday this week as I watch all the awesome stuff that her boyfriend is doing. I hope I can “steal” some of her time to celebrate with her too next week.

Wednesday Wishes, #18

happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are doing well.

Wednesday WishesMy Wednesday Wish is:

  • to find a new home for my cats. I put Charlie (the sweet one) up on Craig’s List hoping to see if that can help. And I know this has been a wish for a while.
  • that this weird anxiety feeling I get when I think of all the stuff that has to happen in the next few months goes away.
  • that I find time to do all the things on my “to do” list.
  • that i measure tonight and see a difference since I did squats for the last 30 days! Only 50 more left of my 250 today.

What is your Wednesday Wish?

Wednesday Wishes, #14

Welcome to Wednesday Wishes, won’t you join me and post your own Wednesday wish?

Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday Wish is . . .

  • we make it through the severe weather they say we may get over the next few days safely, and with power.
  • that i start to find a home for the cats. I think I need to do this sooner than later with the travel I have coming up.
  • that my house stays clean, despite the cat hair, why is it always never ending?
  • that I get all my To DO list items done today. . . it’s pretty long today.
  • that those who may be having a rough time make it through OK.

It’s OK Thursday, #12

So I have been participating for 12 weeks and Brunch with Amber has decided to end it’s OK Thursday! I wonder if it was me? Just kidding I don’t think it was, but I am still sad to see the link up end. It’s be fun. I may need to decide how to continue it, with a new name perhaps, since it’s a good well to get things out!


It’s OK. . .

  • to be up at the crack of dawn and use it as an excuse to get Panera and sit there on your iPad for a while, because really what else am I don’t at 6AM nothing is open!
  • to be super sad It’s OK Thursday is coming to an end. I loved the structure of knowing I had a topic for Thursdays.
  • to wear a dress or skirt every day this week just so I didn’t have to find a shirt to match my pants.
  • to leave work early when you start your day early, even though there is stuff still left to do. Isn’t that always true.
  • to lock the cats out of my bedroom and enjoy the blissful sleep of nothing in my bed but me.
  • to decide I really need to plan out all my DIY projects for the wedding and get started. First up are the invitation!
  • to love finding new blogs to read through It’s OK Thursday!
  • to be in slight panic mode over a few things right now, and I will pray they work out in the right direction.

What’s OK with you this week?

Wednesday Wishes, #10

A little later than usual with my Wednesday wishes, but it’s still Wednesday 🙂

Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday wish:

  • is that the allergy headaches are coming to an end, both me and the boy are not enjoying allergy season!
  • is that I find the motivation to follow through on a few things that should be completed.
  • is for a day of quiet nothingness (not sure that’s likely to happen soon).
  • is for me to find a new home for my cats sooner rather than later…wedding 5 months away and they need a new forever home.

Share your Wednesday Wishes?