Challenge Update and High 5 for Friday

So I finished up the Squat Challenge on Wednesday (I was a day behind). Sadly I didn’t get any of the results I was hoping for. I wasn’t down in inches in the areas I thought it would happen. So although I feel accomplished for finishing I am not sure I get the whole point. But even though I didn’t get the results I was hoping for I started a new challenge this month for pushups (see below).

Of course since it’s Friday here’s my Weekly High Five for Friday Linkup


I am changing things up! I am going to list the 5 then the picture.

  1. My green coffee mug! It’s special because I love the color green, I brought it from “home”, which to be honest I bad about doing.
  2. Push-Up Challenge! That’s the goal for August.
  3. New appliances! These make me happy each time I get to use them. They were just delivered a few days ago.
  4. Don’t you love the orange and purple shoes?? That’s all I am going say about them for now, we will see if they work out.
  5. Squat challenge! Yes I did 250 in one day, and yes I am very happy to be done.


What are your High Five’s for Friday?


High Five for Friday, #3

Happy Friday folks! We made it through another week. I am happy to report I was fairly unscathed in the process. And here’s the newest H54F post to link up with Lauren!

PicMonkey Collage

My week since Saturday . . .

Zooma! Yup you read that right, I did a 10K on Saturday with my forever friend. We had fun, despite the heat. Short Ribs: Dinner on Thursday night at Iron Bridge was delish, so here’s the short ribs I had and of course
Wine: It was a sparkling pinot noir! That’s a new one for me.
Cute Shoes! Need I say more? Bought these at DSW a few weeks ago and finally managed to take them out of the closet. They are a bit tight right now (need to break them in) but so cute with the poka dots and red heel!
Starbucks: I had the $1 Grande Iced Coffee this morning . . . lovely way to start a Friday!

How was your week?

It’s OK Thursday, #7

Oh Thursdays how I love thee! Today is especially good because I delivered a training this morning that went well and had the morning fly by because it was so interactive and because I have off tomorrow!


It’s OK. . .

  • to be excited to be engaged and but dreading the wedding planning.
  • to be really happy to have friends that have “stepped up” and really show how much they care during this happy time in my life.
  • to be disappointed how others have shown a lack of interest and sad what that means for the future.
  • to be missing out on all of my workouts because I need to find a place to get married (in a short amount of time).
  • to wish I could have a night “off” from life.
  • to be SUPER EXCITED about my weekend plans (more to come on that next week).
  • to go out of your way to try the new Dunkin Donuts just because it has a drive thru!
  • to love sleeping with the windows open and then sad when you wake up with a headache from the pollen.
  • to totally watch this online and tear up! I dare you to watch and not have some emotion (if you are an American)

What’s OK with you this week?

Post your own “It’s OK Thursday” blog post then link up with A Complete Waste of Makeup and  Brunch with Amber

It’s OK Thursday, #5

WOW I have been participating in the linkup for over a month now! You should join us if you haven’t already. It’s lots of fun.


It’s OK . . .

  • to be super relieved that a few tough conversations went well, but also wish you don’t have to do it again ANY TIME SOON!
  • to be sad because the line (and parking lot) at Starbucks this morning was too full to get my latte.
  • to be excited for a home cooked meal, it’s been WAY TOO LONG.
  • to be really excited that I slept almost the whole night and my cats somehow behaved (or I was too exhausted to notice them misbehaving).
  • to be super annoyed that my gel nails are not last as long as they should. But I don’t want to pay to have them redone yet.
  • to wish it was Friday and not Thursday.
  • to have a love/hate feeling with the fact that work is providing my lunch for the 3rd day in a row (doesn’t help the cleaner eating choices).
  • to be so excited that I just can’t hide it (in Jesse Spano voice) for shopping on Sunday.

What’s OK with you?

Totally Awesome Thursday Love

Ok so did the title entice you to read? Good, I was hoping so! It’s Totally Awesome Thursday Love where I am going to list a few of the things I am currently loving about life. In my quest to get over my mixed emotions I am focusing on the positives in life.

  • Summer (yes I know it’s been hot, but really I love summer no matter the temp)
  • Babies (Lots of new babies being born, and I get to visit on Friday with a cutie
  • Coffee (that doesn’t need an explanation does it?)
  • Dresses (I love wearing dresses all summer…so easy! Plus I picked up a few new ones in the last few weeks and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them)
  • Working out (yes you read that correctly! I actually miss it when it doesn’t happen, who knew I would be one of those people, definitely not me)
  • Live music (going to see one of my favorite local bands tonight)
  • Reading (I can never seem to get enough of this! I read every day for fun and really don’t know how to exist without a book)
  • Kane Show (check them out! A great morning show that keeps me entertained on my drive to work)
  • Gwynnie Bee (what’s that you ask, why it’s Netflix for clothes. I have been able to try some new things that I never would have bought on my own)
  • Travel (I have booked a few trips this week for upcoming travel and I am super excited to go and see friends!)
  • #photoadayjuly (this little project has forced me to take a picture a day, even if it’s only with my iphone it’s been fun! Now I need to remember to break out my real camera since it hasn’t been used in nearly a month)

Here’s proof of some of my Thursday love…photos and coffee!

Feel free to add your own things to the list!