Wednesday Wishes, #16

So this week’s Wednesday Wishes is going to also focus on what I like to call “first world problems” (you know what I mean).

Wednesday WishesMy Wednesday Wish is:

  • that deciding on what to have for a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) wasn’t so dang difficult!
  • that I could figure out what I am going to do with all my “stuff” when I move in with the boy in October.
  • that I could get started on all the DIY projects I want to do and  have an unlimited amount of space to store them all (which is why I haven’t started, not sure what to do with them once they are done).
  • that we get a sneak peek of some our engagement photos soon, I need to know what I am working with!

It’s OK Thursday, #12

So I have been participating for 12 weeks and Brunch with Amber has decided to end it’s OK Thursday! I wonder if it was me? Just kidding I don’t think it was, but I am still sad to see the link up end. It’s be fun. I may need to decide how to continue it, with a new name perhaps, since it’s a good well to get things out!


It’s OK. . .

  • to be up at the crack of dawn and use it as an excuse to get Panera and sit there on your iPad for a while, because really what else am I don’t at 6AM nothing is open!
  • to be super sad It’s OK Thursday is coming to an end. I loved the structure of knowing I had a topic for Thursdays.
  • to wear a dress or skirt every day this week just so I didn’t have to find a shirt to match my pants.
  • to leave work early when you start your day early, even though there is stuff still left to do. Isn’t that always true.
  • to lock the cats out of my bedroom and enjoy the blissful sleep of nothing in my bed but me.
  • to decide I really need to plan out all my DIY projects for the wedding and get started. First up are the invitation!
  • to love finding new blogs to read through It’s OK Thursday!
  • to be in slight panic mode over a few things right now, and I will pray they work out in the right direction.

What’s OK with you this week?