Never Ever Linkup

Yup that’s right the Never Ever link up again!


Never ever. . .

  • will I understand why it’s OK to be rude to people! If you see someone say hi, and if they smile at you, smile back. It’s not that hard people! I feel like it’s harder to be rude!
  • will I not enjoy waking up only to realize it’s not time yet, so I can go back to sleep.
  • will I love rain drops as I drive to work. It causes major traffic. It’s just a little water people!
  • will I want to do what I did on Friday again! It was by far the hardest thing I had to do.
  • will I not be thankful for the love and support of my friends and family, and my soon-to-be husband.



country music says it best

I listened to a lot of music this weekend, mainly because I have been in the car a lot. One of my favorite songs right now is: “woman like you” by Lee Brice . . . here are the lyrics:

Last night, outta the blue
Driftin’ off to the evening news
You said “Honey, what would you do
If you’d never met me”
I just laughed, said
“I don’t know,
But I could take a couple guesses though”
And then tried to dig real deep,
Said, “Darling honestly…
I’d do a lot more offshore fishin’
I’d probably eat more drive-thru chicken
Take a few strokes off my golf game
If I’d have never known your name
I’d still be driving that old green ‘Nova
I probably never would have heard of yoga
Be a better football fan
But if I was a single man
Alone and out there on the loose
Well I’d be looking for a woman like you.”
I could tell that got her attention
So I said, “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention,
I wouldn’t trade a single day
For 100 years the other way.”
She just smiled and rolled her eyes,
Cause she’s heard all of my lines
I said, “C’mon on girl, seriously
If I hadn’t been so lucky
I’d be shootin’ pool in my bachelor pad
Playing bass in my cover band
Restocking up cold Bud Light
For poker every Tuesday night, yeah
I’d have a dirtbike in the shed
And not one throw pillow on the bed
I’d keep my cash in a coffee can
But if I was a single man
Alone and out there on the loose
Well I’d be looking for a woman like you.”
She knows what a mess I’d be if I didn’t have her here
But to be sure,
I whispered in her ear “You know I get sick deep-sea fishin’
And you make the best fried chicken
I got a hopeless golf game
I love the sound of your name
I might miss that old green ‘Nova
But I love watchin’ you do yoga
I’d take a gold band on my hand
Over being a single man
Cause honestly I don’t know what I’d do
If I’d never met a woman like you.”
To have someone who feels this way in your life is priceless, now just to find that 😉 currently taking applications or suggestions.

art of relaxation . . .

or for me it’s more the art of not being able to relax very long. Sometimes I feel like my attention span is probably equal to the size of a peanut. I had this beautiful view as I ate breakfast one morning sipping on my Starbucks coffee. It’s amazing right!?!


Guess how long I could last just enjoying the view? If you guessed less than 15 minutes you would be right. I kept getting up, kept fighting the urge to move, checked my phone, asked my friend how much longer before we do the next thing, and then began to plan what I would do next. I spent 3 days at the pool/beach and it nearly killed me! I read 3 magazines, 2 books and checked my phone probably 50 times. I also got up usually once an hour to get a drink or use the restroom. You would think I have a problem…but I can focus on some things, relaxation is just not one of them.

In 2006 I went to Italy with one of my best friends, and we spent a week at a resort where our main focus was just to relax. After day 3 she wanted to kill me because I just couldn’t sit there. I know by the end of that vacation I finally decompressed enough to enjoy the surroundings, I mean it was southern Italy, how can you not? But honestly it took every ounce of patience I had to finally get there.

I have been contemplating why I can’t sit and do literally nothing. I wonder if part of my problem is I don’t like spending too much time in my own head. It usually leads to bad things . . . which I probably why I love that my commute has been cut in more than half because spending time in the car, alone, thinking, gets old after a while. Most days on my drive home I would spend the whole time on the phone because it kept me occupied. Luckily now with under 30 minutes (most days 15-20) I don’t have time to get into good thinking mode. Although yesterday I drove about an hour on a boring stretch of road to visit a friend and her new baby and I spent most of that time stuck in my head. Thinking of the what if’s of life and the changes (or lack of change) over the last few years.

See it’s easy to spend the day reading a book or watching tv but just doing nothing is like torture!

How do you get into relaxation mode?

Here’s another beach picture:

An ounce of human decency

Sometimes I sit back and wonder where did decency go in the world? Are we all too rushed that we can’t take a minute to slow down, be courteous, hold a door, say thank you, or even just smile at a passing stranger? Actually I wonder the same thing about people we know, not just strangers! Many people I know comment on how since i am from NY i must be used to the rudeness, well let me tell you it’s not really rudeness in NY. It’s more people are busy and so it may seem rushed but typically they will hold a door, they will say your welcome and in fact they may even smile as they zoom past you!

In the past week or so I have wanted several times a reset button, and today AGAIN was one of those days. I started the deary morning as my usual cheery self, despite not a ounce of sunshine in the sky. After my comedy of errors over the weekend (which I will not detail for you) I was really no worse for the wear and in fact I squeezed out more than a few good moments EVERY day. Yes folks even in the dark clouds I can try to find that ounce of sunshine. So I made my breakfast, made my coffee, packed some snacks and off I went. I got the kind text message from a friend about the return of the pumpkin spice latte that made me smile, and as much as I hate the traffic I said “oh well it’s the first day back for so many and it’s raining.” I continued along my way, and BAM was rear-ended by a car. Thinking back to that moment I was so sure the driver was going to stop I didn’t even think being hit was a possibility. We weren’t going fast, I was slowing down, came to a stop, and BOOM, CRACK, under my car the little Honda Civic went. I guess the shining light in this incident was no one was hurt, except for the poor cars. The driver was nice enough, accepted blame, apologized, exchanged info, and off we went. Both my insurance company and the drivers have so far handled everything well. We will see when I bring my car in how much damage was done.

But I think to myself perhaps if the driver was paying attention this wouldn’t have happened. Or if the driver just slowed down sooner. But again it goes back to human decency and the lack of awareness others seem to have about their surroundings.

I just googled human decency and over 1,440,000 results came back! I guess I am not the only one that wonders where it’s gone.

Even in the work world I sometimes scratch my head and think “would your mother approve of what you just did’? I bet if more people asked themselves the question of “would I do this to my parent? my child? my best friend?” people would have a bit more human decency!

Are too many of us wrapped up in this digital age that we have lost the ability to interact outside of a computer? Do we not know how to introduce our self to someone we meet along the way? I guess I am typically seen as the smiley, happy, friendly person because I make an effort to just be nice. I will tell you from my own experiences it’s not that hard. Think of how nice it feels for someone to reach out and say “Hi, have a great day” or “Hi, how are you?” and actually mean it.

So my readers, do you wonder what’s happened to human decency? What do you do to contribute to a positive atmosphere? What can you do differently to make a difference?


home sweet NY home

This weekend I took the trek up to NY. You wonder why I call it a trek, do you? Well the perfect example is that on Friday we left around 10 am and we were safely up in NY (with a stop) by 2 PM. Yes folks if you are counting that’s about 4 hours. That same trek on the way back took nearly 7!! Yes you read that right, 7! I know the reasoning behind the much longer trek was the crazy monsoon weather we were having and the bane of my existence (the belt pkwy) was flooded! As if that wasn’t enough the NJ turnpike (oh yes I hate you NJ) had a 17 mile back-up. Lucky for me I was with a nifty travel companion and the GPS, between the 3 of us we worked our way around the situations.

It was a weekend of a few firsts for me, it’s been a while since I could say that. As part of our trek we headed to watch the Yankees play at their new stadium (since I didn’t make it there in 2010), and not only did they win, but I got to see a grand slam hit by Jorge Posada! After the game, we (and by we I mean peachy and I) headed to one of our favorite places in the world, the beach! Yes it was night time, yes it was humid out, yes it was moments away from the monsoon beginning, but we didn’t care! It was a night like so many others from so long ago, that going to the beach to hear the waves, smell the ocean, and feel the salt water on your skin was exactly what we needed. If you remember I have been on a quest for the beach for quite some time, and I haven’t managed to make it there this summer. So here are a few pics of our beachy evening!

Here is the boardwalk (and if you look closely you see NOTHING like the Jersey or MD shores)! It’s just simplicity at it’s best, and there are a few people walking or biking, but given the kind of night, there weren’t too many.

Of course I stood and looked at the moon light on the water!

After our beach excursion we headed back to town, and went to an old high school hang out, the Val Brook Dinner. I had the best chicken salad sandwich and it definitely was worth every bite! I guess the main highlight of this place is that we used to go here like every weekend with a big group of us and order mozzarella cheese fries, you can’t get that most places!

To finish off the home sweet NY home trip I had the customary NY pizza, hot dogs on the grill made by my dad, dortoni’s canoli and cookies, and Magic Bagels (I even took some back for the week).

To finish off my weekend of firsts (and to avoid the flooding) I ended up driving through 2 tunnels (Mid-town and Lincoln) and through downtown Manhattan. All of which I have never done before! You would think living in NY for most of my life (although not most of my driving life) I would have driven through the city, but you are wrong! So here’s another one for the bucket list I can check off!

What first did you do this weekend? What’s on your bucket list?