High Five for Friday, #2

So it’s Friday. . . YAY! But for me it was a weird week because I was only in the office for 2 days, although I am working today I am doing it from my couch. I am having a plumbing issue so I am waiting for them to come to hopefully fix it! I am hoping even more that it’s a problem with the building pipes, since i live in a condo, rather than me! Because then I don’t have to pay for it.

Here’s another installment for High Five for Friday! Courtesy of Lauren.


I made a cute collage this week instead of the separate posts:


1: Flowers: I am hoping these will be what my wedding bouquet is going to be similar to. I talked with Jim’s sister in law on Sunday (she is going to do them) and she said it’s totally do able and for less than my budget likely, even better!

2: Jim and I had a quick getaway which was definitely the highlight of my week. So Monday night we had dinner at the Harvest restaurant, it was very yummy.

3: Asti: Gotta love free sparkling!

4: Of course the massage was AWESOME! It was very relaxing, and in fact felt relaxed for a few days after. Ah how I love massages. Plus the Chocolate Spa is the perfect escape. We enjoyed peace, quite, tranquility and of course chocolate.

5: A sneak peak at my invitations. I am hoping these are what come through after a friend starts to work on the design.

Join me in High Five for Friday! What’s good stuff happened to you this week?



It’s OK Thursday, #11

So it’s a sad day because today is technically the last It’s OK Thursday Link up with A Complete Waste of Makeup and  Brunch with Amber. Who knows what I will post then! Maybe I will continue for a little while.


It’s OK. . .

  • to be have a really bad run but feel accomplished because at least you got out there.
  • to love flower bouquets, but also be tired of the smell. There are lots of lilies, may need to get rid of them to save my allergies.
  • that some days you just don’t want to work anymore, and I like my job but wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t have to work.
  • to be excited that it’s 148 days till the wedding.
  • to be SUPER excited about my egg muffins that I made for breakfast this week. They are super easy and very tasty, now I need to buy more eggs.
  • to really want to see the Great Gatsby in the theater even though it got bad reviews. Any one want to go?
  • to love getting a manicure than be super annoyed you WASTED $15 because it chips 2 days later, that’s why I love the gel nails . . . but really $35 people come on!
  • to love getting to work early because that means you get to leave earlier to see your man!
  • to be annoyed that 6AM is my new standard wake up time, even though my alarm doesn’t go off that time each day.
  • to have no idea what to do at 6AM when you don’t have to leave the house till 7:30 and you don’t want to watch TV.

What’s OK with you this week?

Oh and here are the flowers I was referring to:

Photo May 13, 6 58 26 PM

Today is brought to you by the letter F

Now get your mind out of the gutter will you? Not that F…but lots of them, Fun, Food, Friends, Flowers, Feet…what do all of these have in common? They have involved my last few days….I think Fun being the most important because that summarizes my week so far.

So food…well I tried a new restaurant today at the Annapolis Mall. It was Nando’s Peri-Peri. It reminded me of Peruvian chicken, except it was spicier. I had a quarter chicken and rice (it was sticky yellow rice, with yummy spices, sorta of reminded me of curry). It was quite delish…I wish I had ordered more chicken, but definitely felt satisfied after my meal.

Friends…I have spent the last few days on vacation enjoying the company of friends, friends and more friends! Some of they I haven’t seen in quite a while. Thursday I had lunch at my old job and visited around the building. I felt like a celebrity walking through the building. It was fun, but weird all at the same time. Next I had happy hour with some other friends (also from the old job). We get together about once a month, but it was still good to see them. Today I had lunch and hours of fun with a dear friend. We saw a movie, walked the mall, had coffee and just enjoyed the day together. It’s always nice to have time with people that make it just a an easy day. Tomorrow I have plans with another friend to have dinner at my favorite place…Iron Bridge Wine Co.

Flowers…that one is pretty self explanatory. I went to the Hershey Gardens on Wednesday, here are some pretty flowers from the day:


And finally feet. I had my first ever reflexology treatment done on my feet today. It was an interesting experience. It was only a sample 20 minutes, and I could feel it working different things, however I wonder if it would feel differently if it was longer.

So what’s your theme letter for the day?

Pretty flowers makes a girl smile

With all the talk about Valentines Day I figured I would share my last few days of love (in this case the platonic kind). I received these pretty flowers:


Which of course made me smile because I love daisies and anyone who really knows me would give me daisies instead of roses.

I went to bootie camp last night at Curves and my dear friend worked us hard 🙂 lots of squats and a killer ab workout. I really have been enjoying Curves but want to start running again. Of course by posting it here maybe I will actually get started.

I also received wonderful emails and text messages. So Even though I am not coupled up I feel the love in the air.

I also made cupcakes with butter cream frosting. I have decided I really don’t enjoy baking and almost feel like its a waste of time because I barely get to enjoy it. I know that sounds weird but you can only eat so much dessert.

Comfy Sunday AM

I love sunday morning where you can just relax on the couch, sip a good cup of coffee and plan your day. So I didn’t get to accomplish all of that, since I started laundry at 8AM but I still am enjoying my coffee and Amish market bacon (with some eggs). It’s almost motivating me to get up this early every morning (well not the same time, but earlier on work days) so I can enjoy the quiet time with my coffee and a hot breakfast. Sadly I know better and that just won’t happen!

We also had an interesting weather result in the last 24 hours! It was quite cold, and we even had snow . . . of course there was nothing that stuck to the ground in my area, but just an hour west had lots of snow!

I also was given a cute flower vase yesterday by a dear friend and it’s so pretty . . . see!


Now to get back to the laundry and planning all my stops today before an afternoon of football!