It’s the 3rd day of Christmas

So it occurred to me that maybe I am doing it backwards, but I am OK with that! On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me 3 French Hens. So no I didn’t get French hens today but I did have French fries, from Chick fil a, that my true love did buy me. So close enough right, they are French or at least we pretend.

But that makes me think of the time I did go to France, where I don’t believe I had any French fries the whole time I was there. Honestly besides the crepes on the street I don’t even remember any of the food. But I do remember the beautiful scenery from France. I got to spend some time in the South of France in Nice, which was a beautiful beach, with a side trip to Monte Carlo. It was the most luxurious casino I have ever been to, and I have been to a few in Atlantic city and Vegas. Plus Nice had some of the best food ever! There were a lot of restaurants to choose from. After Nice we headed north, through Lyon, and finally up to Paris. Now that is one city I don’t feel like I gave a fair shot to. I think I need to go back, for more than 2 days, and really explore the path of the less traveled. I hit many of the major sites, and of course was wowed by the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but I want to see so much more of what the city has to offer. And the Mona Lisa is really small, so yes believe all they hype but it’s tiny in comparison to other paintings.

So that’s my version of the third day of Christmas! Join me tomorrow to see where the forth day will take us.


On the 2nd day of Christmas . . .

My true love gave to me two turtle doves, says the song. In my case on the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me a home cooked dinner. The only meal from scratch he can actually cook is homemade lentil soup with German Spätzle. It’s so yummy and SO MUCH FOOD, which means lots and lots of leftovers.


I get that it doesn’t look too yummy but it really does taste great. I am thankful each time he makes it, plus it’s great not to have to cook for a night. Also it’s perfect on a cold night like today where the temperature at dinner was 32 degrees at dinner.

What did you receive on the 2nd day of Christmas?

12 Days of Christmas the Lindy version!

So I love the Christmas holidays and realized today (through another blogger, Moose & Turtle on Vashon) that’s it’s only 12 days of Christmas! I am going to try to do my own version of the 12 days (and of course I think of the 12 days of Christmas song).

Day 1: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a cold day. Of course I don’t think Jim did that, but it’s really cold out there! I could say today’s gift was free lunch (Chinese food). And the real gift for today was spending some QT with the husband, it’s mine own partridge in a pear tree.

Join me in your version of the 12 days of Christmas.

High 5 for Friday

It’s been a rough week, and today isn’t going to be great! But instead of complaining I am focusing on the POSITIVE. So by doing this link up I am still giving a high five for Friday!!



1. Dinner from Thursday night. We celebrated a friend’s birthday at Iron Bridge Wine, I had a hamburger and it was AMAZING!! And the fries,  not sure what they did, but wow they tasted good.

2. My new love, Chobani Mint Chip Greek yogurt. This may just change your life. Go have some.

3. Wine (well sparking moscato to be exact) and it was AWESOME as well! Also from dinner on Thursday.

4. Cute bear. . . we went to the National  zoo on Sunday and he was one of the cute creatures we saw.

5. Water bottle! I broke this out on Monday and have fallen in love with drinking water from it. Usually I don’t like metal water bottles, but this one is just great.

What high fives do you have for Friday?

High Five for Friday!

It’s been a rough week, and for no particulary good reason! So I am happy it’s coming to an end. So instead of a long drawn out complaining fest (because really no one has time for that) Here’s some fun highlights!


PicMonkey Collage1: Fireworks!! Future-Husband and I went to a fireworks show over the weekend. Always fun, even with rain right until they started.

2: Glasses and hair: What you ask is the deal? I got my hair colored/cut and had my glasses on. I think it’s a cute pic that all!

3: 86 temp! Yup and normally who cares?!? But it was before 8AM, I am just saying. And this from someone that loves the heat!

4: breakfast. . . the most important meal of the day. I love Sunday mornings when I have time to make bacon, eggs and a new introduction of potato!

5: My favorite shot of Future-Husband and I even if he doesn’t like my sunglasses on!


What are you High Five for Friday? Link up With lauren.