Happy New Year!

It’s already January 2nd and sometimes I sit and reflect on where time goes. I can certainly say my life is unbelievably different that it was a year ago, and I imagine it might feel the same way come January of 2015. My posts of days past that talked about being in that same place and nothing changes are a thing of the past, and instead I am encouraged by the future and all it’s changes. Somewhere along the way I realized life happens when we least expect it, so plan all you want but take in the little surprises life has in store for you!

I know I have in 2013 and I can say I don’t regret one thing! My year started in Nashville, TN, I completed a half marathon, I got engaged, and 6 short months later I was married! I visited a number if cities in the US and traveled abroad to Aruba!

Stay tuned to 2014 goals coming up!


On the 2nd day of Christmas . . .

My true love gave to me two turtle doves, says the song. In my case on the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me a home cooked dinner. The only meal from scratch he can actually cook is homemade lentil soup with German Spätzle. It’s so yummy and SO MUCH FOOD, which means lots and lots of leftovers.


I get that it doesn’t look too yummy but it really does taste great. I am thankful each time he makes it, plus it’s great not to have to cook for a night. Also it’s perfect on a cold night like today where the temperature at dinner was 32 degrees at dinner.

What did you receive on the 2nd day of Christmas?

Wacky Wednesday

So no real focus of today’s post just a bit of wacky things I have been thinking about. First off the weather….yesterday and Sunday I ran outside because it was nearly 50 degrees…today we get the dreaded wintery mix! Living in the DC area is always so weird for weather. One day it’s 30 (with wind chills in the teens) next day it’s 50. I guess it’s better than living where it’s always cold in the winter since I truly am NOT a winter person. I love warm sunshine.

In yesterday’s run (and I think it started Sunday) my toe on my right foot next to my big toe (is that your pointer toe?) has decided not to cooperate. It just plain hurts. I think I may have the dreaded black toe nail forming that is common for many runners….WooHoo. I am trying to remember this mantra: Pain is weakness leaving the body!


I need to run today (again) and I am thinking about doing Zumba. I know I sound crazy, but it’s Zumba toning so it’s a strength workout of sorts too, not just cardio workout. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it and I will continue to see differences. pain 1

Finally tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…the made up holiday by Hallmark. I really try not to get caught up in the hype of it all. I actually have someone to celebrate with this year, and we are choosing the easy, comfortable route of making dinner at home together. Of course as I hear about all the “people” making plans part of me wants to be that kind of person. The kind that gets dressed up, goes out all fancy and is part of the hype, but at the end of the day I know none of that will really make me happy. I will be cranky with the crowds, cold because it’s winter, and the food rarely is as good as you hoped…oh and I hate getting dressed up when it’s cold outside. So I am excited about my plans for tomorrow and I know the boy and I will have a nice evening at home, but yet the draw for the unknown is there too. So I choose to be happy, I choose to be excited and I choose to smile!




Happy New Year

So i was a bit lagging in posting for much of 2012. So much goes on I have a hard time really focusing on what I want to write about. So I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!

Stay tuned for an update about lunch at Columbia Ale House (delicious food) and some other random things. It was a busy last 2 weeks of 2012 so I plan to write a quick recap soon too.

Happy 2013! And since 13 is my lucky number and almost all good things in my life have happened with a 1 and 3 somewhere in there I think this is bound to be my best year yet so hang on, grab your helmet and get ready for the ride!

Happy 2013!