Never Ever Ever Linkup!

So yes I know I said I would post more than link-ups but lately my writers block is getting the best of me. So instead I bring you The Never Ever Ever Linkup


I Never Ever Ever….

  • will understand how one gets a cold in the summer. The weird part is I bet I can pinpoint where the germs came from this weekend that caused me to wake up feeling like crap. I should have known it was coming since I felt weird all day yesterday!
  • want to stop attending concerts. And I am sad that I haven’t made it to one this year. Since you know I am been busy in a new relationship and wedding planning there never seems to be time. So now I have my eye on the Lady Antebellum/Kip Moore tour coming  this fall. I am hoping they make an East coast appearance!
  • want to plan a wedding again! This one is stressful enough. Maybe a vow renewal to the same guy, but getting divorced isn’t an option for us, so this one should be pretty easy to obtain.

Are you playing along?


High Five For Friday! (#5)

I find it amusing that today is H54F and it’s my 5th week linking up with the post! I am linking up with Lauren.



I had some fun playing with the collage today, but it’s kind of small. Hope you don’t mind.

1. Margarita Mondays at Chili’s YUMMY! And it’s sad for me to admit but it’s one of my favorite restaurants. 2. Tiara, yes I am a child and want one! Or maybe just a princess in disguise.
3. Chocolate covered raisins. . . my new obsession from Trader Joe’s!
4. Pretty french manicured nails! I got them done yesterday and love how they look. They are gels too which means they should last a while.
5. Runner Girl – might be hard to see but I promise that’s what it is! I received it as our “medal” for the Zooma 10K. I really like this meddle because it’s something I have actually worn.

So what’s your High Five for Friday?

Wednesday Wishes, #15

Wednesday WishesMy Wednesday Wish is….

  • that I didn’t forget my engagement ring at home today. I feel naked without it.
  • for good weather on Sunday, we are doing a photo shoot and I want to make it through before thunderstorms.
  • to have a great hair/makeup do this weekend (for the photo shoot).
  • that I had a little more time yesterday to get everything done.
  • that I remember to take more photos this week for H54F since last week I didn’t have as many to work with as I would have liked.
  • to have you join me in Wednesday Wishes!

It’s OK Thursday

Saw this on a few blogs I follow so I decided to play along. It’s pretty easy! Post the button below, link back to the blog “Brunch with Amber” and type away! Easy right? And it gave me a topic for Thursday! It’s similar to simple pleasures (you remember those right?)


It’s OK….
…to really love a telework day  in your PJ’s but hate that you get bored alone all day.
…to be excited to run a 1/2 marathon but so happy that training is almost over.
…to be in a bad mood for days for no good reason!
…to wonder who really reads my blog? Comment please 🙂
…to have a love/hate relationship with the gym!
…to really get annoyed with your cats because they don’t like to let you sleep at night!
…to feel that a Starbucks Latte truly makes the day better.
…to dream about vacation yet have nothing planned yet.
…to be excited for date night with boyfriend.

What’s OK with you this week?