12 Days of Christmas the Lindy version!

So I love the Christmas holidays and realized today (through another blogger, Moose & Turtle on Vashon) that’s it’s only 12 days of Christmas! I am going to try to do my own version of the 12 days (and of course I think of the 12 days of Christmas song).

Day 1: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a cold day. Of course I don’t think Jim did that, but it’s really cold out there! I could say today’s gift was free lunch (Chinese food). And the real gift for today was spending some QT with the husband, it’s mine own partridge in a pear tree.

Join me in your version of the 12 days of Christmas.


Restaurant Review: Ale House Columbia

Last week a friend and I finally had the time to grab lunch at the new Ale House Columbia. We arrived around 1PM and were pleasantly surprised there was not wait, although as expected the parking lot was insane! There really isn’t enough space for everyone, and I am sure at night this is a problem. We got lucky because someone was pulling out so we took the spot and didn’t have to walk very far on the chilly day.

We were seated and attended to pretty quick, although the person taking our drink order would not ultimately be our server. We then heard about the daily specials and took some time to look through the menu. I must say it’s pretty extensive! I really can’t wait to go back and try more options. I had a really hard time deciding on what to get, but in the end was pretty happy with my choice. Our server was very attentive, never letting our glasses go too low and constantly checking to see if everything tasted good. We also had a visit from a member of the management team (my guess the social media person) because I tweeted that I was having lunch there.

I started with the French Onion Soup, which uses the 3Lions Ale and Sherry to make the broth! Wow the flavor was phenomenal! I could taste the sherry, but it wasn’t over powering. It was topped with a toasted crouton, swiss cheese and onion straws (a nice added touch). It was really warm and gooey, the perfect thing for a cold December day.

Photo Dec 28, 12 52 07 PM

Next up was the main course. I had a really hard time deciding, but ultimately chose something a bit lighter since I had the soup and went with the  Grilled Salmon BLT (minus the T, I don’t love tomatoes on my sandwiches). The sandwich was served with seasoned fries. To be honest the fries were just ok, they were lightly seasoned with pepper and sea salt so nothing too exciting. I did like how they are skin on potatoes. The salmon was cooked well, the perfect amount of flakiness for the fish. I liked the maple smoked  bacon, but felt the fresh herbed aioli was a little too much. If I got the sandwich again I would likely as for the aioli on the side so I can control the amount.  I typically have half the sandwich as is then take a part the second half, which is exactly what I did.

Photo Dec 28, 1 07 13 PM

Out of 5 stars I definitely give it an overall 4 for now…and I look forward to going back to try some of the extensive libations they offer and some more of the food that sounded so tasty. I am particularly looking forward to the braised short ribs and fish tacos.

Did you try any new restaurants recently? How was it? Should I go too?

oranges and sunshine

What do these two things have in common? It’s pretty easy really…I love them! Here’s a delicious (and I mean slightly amazing) orange slice I had with my lunch today:

Ok yes I know you can’t quite get how amazing it was from a picture, but I will attempt to describe…It was cold (since I had it in the fridge then on ice), it was sweet and it was juicy! Yes take your mind out of the gutter please. I enjoyed each and every bite of my orange and really wish I had more to enjoy. I am going to next focus on some sweet cherries.

Do you see a theme here? Yes it’s all food, but more importantly it’s sunshine food. Huh you ask? Yes I know greenhouses exist but really good fruit needs good old fashion sunshine to make it grow! And right now I am loving my sunshine (after yesterday’s horrible rain) and my fruit.

I even looked at the five day forecast and did a double take…I thought I was in Sunny LA for a minute because the weather (at least right now) is perfect for the next few days!

Thu Jun 14

Partly Cloudy81°

Fri Jun 15


Sat Jun 16


Sun Jun 17


I am looking forward to some fun in the sun!

Chicken Curry Salad

New recipe…FINALLY!!! It’s only been a few months but I finally made something new. In this case it was for lunch. My salad was quite yummy for my first go and I will definitely be making this again. I also have a few new recipes to try in the next few weeks.

1 1/2 TBS low-fat mayo
1 tsp of lime juice
1/2 tsp of curry paste (believe me that’s all you need)
4 ozs of chicken (i used shredded chicken after I bought a rotisserie chicken)
1 1/2  TBS of cucumber (i used a seedless one)
1 1/2 TBS red onion (I omitted this because I was eating at work)

In medium bowl mix first 3 ingredients. Add chicken, onion, cucumber. Mix well. You can serve immediately or save for the next day.

I made the first one on an English muffin, I am going to try a tortilla and the other option is a pita pocket. You can also add other veggies like lettuce and tomato to your “sandwich”.

Overall I rate it a 8 out of 10 likes for lunch. Let me know if you try it and what you think.

Weekend of local food

I know I have blogged about them before, but Sushi Sono and 2nd Chance Saloon never disappoint. I chose sushi on Saturday for lunch (oh and the lunch specials are active on Saturdays, that is so rare) and introduced a friend to my love of the best sushi in Columbia at Sushi Sono. We had a spicy, crunchy tuna roll; rock & roll; and seafood roll. They were all tasty but of course the tuna was my fav! Love the blend of spice and crunch.

Sunday I went with a different friend to 2nd Chance and dang the burgers are still outstanding! It’s been a while since i have eaten their burgers in awhile. I was craving it and thankfully they came through. Lately my cravings for food have gone slightly awry and I have been disappointed but not today. Here’s a pic of the burger:


So what yummy local food have you eaten?