Days of Mixed Emotions

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you freaking out? Not me…I love the 13th no matter what day of the week it lands on! I actually am weird in that I consider 13 my lucky number. I was born on the 13th, I played all my years of sports as #13 and almost every location I have lived in as an adult has the number 1 or 3, or even better 13 in it. Yes it’s true…I am not kidding, 301, 103, 213, and the list goes on.

But today’s real topic is all about mixed emotions, it’s been a roller coaster of a week in the emotional state of me. I can go from happy to sad to crying to overcome with joy all in a few short hours…if I didn’t know better I would think I have some mood disorder, but nope I don’t it’s just been a rough week. For the most part I am pretty happy person or at least I try to be…yet every once in while I have a stretch of a few days where things are just completing up and down. Right now I am excited for all the new things life has to offer, but sad because of the things I know are slowly coming to an end. Yes I am being very cryptic on purpose!

Let’s focus on some things that make me very happy…like my continued dedication to working out, even when I don’t want to. I have been pretty focused on that for the last few months and it’s starting to pay off. You can check out my workouts page to see my progress. I have also been working on my 2012 Goals and have made good progress (speaking of which I need to go update a few of those items). I love my camera! I love dunkin donuts iced coffee! I love sun and summer! I love weekends filled with fun, good food, and friends!


What do you love? How do you deal with your mixed emotions?



Such an easy thing right? Yet it has so many different ways to be interpreted or dealt with. For instances in a work setting what’s the appropriate time that a follow-up should happen? Is it all based on the situation? Working in HR I try to follow-up as quickly as possible (which reminds me I need to respond to an email), but at what point does quick follow-up deter from a well thought out response?

I waited nearly 24 hours to respond to a sensitive situation because I knew my first response probably would not be as effective as waiting. But I realize we are in an instant gratification society and we like things to happen immediately. I wonder what the feeling for the recipient is when it takes time for a response. I also am known for quick responses on most things, so when it takes longer for me to respond do you think the person is feeling like they are “in waiting”. Or thinking this can’t be good because she hasn’t responded.

Then there the dating game. Everything goes well, you discuss a next date, but yet no definite one is in place. When do you call/text the person? Do you wait the “3-day rule”? Is that even around any more? I feel like we are always waiting for the “right time” but who knows what that is anymore. Since we are in our 30’s do we really need to still play games? Or course many of us have probably seen the movie “He’s just not that into you” or watched “Millionaire Matchmaker” and know that if a guy really wants to follow-up with you he will, whether by calling, texting, emailing, hey maybe even sending that carrier piegon (thank you harry potter).

Adding the fun back . . . one day at a time

So I have been a little bored with life as of late, and clearly I am not alone in this! I have seen way too many posts from friends who are feeling the same way. I have great ideas and lots of things I want to do, but never do them. Why you ask? Usually because either I don’t have anyone to go with me or I miss out because I wait too long to take advantage of it. So that’s going to change RIGHT NOW!!!

I am making my days productive, doing what I want to do (even if that means sometimes I do it alone). As is evidence from a few weeks ago, when I went to the “beach” alone. I had a great time! I met a few people I talked to while I was there and I enjoyed catching up on my reading. So I know I have no problem going at it alone.

I am also back on my learning Italian bandwagon! I am excited to do it, and it gives me something to do in the evenings besides watch tv (which in the summer there is nothing on). I dream one day I will be able to converse in Italian like a native! Since it’s part of my heritage many things related to Italy are quite important to me. Of course is the Irish side, which is why I have contemplated for years getting a four leaf clover tattoo, but after much thought that’s just not in the cards for me. But i will continue to embrace my inner Irish side!

I was just reading an article from one of my favorite inspirational people Margie Warrell. She talked about how you can make changes in your life, you just need to make the decision to do it, and at every change you S.O.A.R.2 read the article and you will understand the acronym.

Ok off to make some changes!

What changes do you want to be making in your life? How are you going to do it?

Be bold or fly under the radar?

So that question is so vague, but so pertinent to life sometimes . . . many of you are reading my blog and I don’t know you, so take a minute, BE BOLD and introduce yourself.

You have read about my trials, tribulations, and adventures (more to come, including a review of U2 from Wednesday night) and I would love to hear from you. How do you fly under the radar in life, professionally or personally, and how are you BOLD? Share with me!

So what’s this all about you may ask . . . well peeps, both professionally and personally I lately have made conscious decisions to choose either path. Sometimes I wish I chose the other, but I know that I can’t always be BOLD, especially if I want to keep my job (which I do) and sometimes you have to be BOLD before you get squashed like a bug.

pebble or rock

>I think I liked defining myself as a pebble. For those of you who know me in real life, know I am short so sometimes I use that to my advantage as a snake my way through a crowd, just nearly walking what feels like under people…so I am that pebble.

Lot’s going on recently, but I feel like I have received amazing (and in some cases unexpected) support to help push this pebble along and remind me to not become that rock! Because guess what folks, rocks are a whole lot harder to move than a pebble.

Today on PB Fingers (a blog I follow) Julie announced she is following her passion for writing and blogging and has quit her job. I am so impressed by her step into the unknown, but also by her ability to recognize her passion and decide to take a leap of faith on it. She is a great writer (at least from what I have read) and I do think she will become quite successful.

Finally the thoughts that have been on everyone’s mind (at least on the East Coast) is the unbelievable heat and humidity we are experiencing. It’s been quite warm and I will admit I have even avoided the heat at times, but I would much rather this heat to any cold day of the year! Plus we always have air conditioning.