Fitness and Rewards

Hello happy people, how are you? Of course it’s the start of the year and so everyone is on their fitness kicks. To be truthful mine only wavered slightly at the end of the year because of travel, but I was pretty steady with most of 2012, although I didn’t quite make all my goals. But hey if you don’t set something a goal you are more likely to accomplish nothing, right?

So here we have the beginning of 2013 and one of my goals is to complete a half -marathon. I am excited about it, but also very nervous. I get really bored when I run alone, so 13.1 miles sounds like an eternity! So we will see how this goes. But I also have started tracking all things health related on the MyFitnessPal app. 

It’s only been a few days but I really like it. The food database is crazy amazing and I like the ability to create recipes and have them analyzed as well. Today I even took it a step further and planned my whole day in the morning instead of as I ate so I could see where I had some wiggle room for a snack or two. But the other part of this is trying to eat healthier options, which means getting in my fruits and veggies and limiting my carbs, especially at night.

So that brings me to my next question. What do you build in for rewards? I know I have been really bad about doing whatever I want, when I want but as part of 2013’s plan I am simplifying life. So I am trying to simplify my spending too and be more conscious of how and when I spend my money. Starting with eating at home more (healthier option too) and not just buying stuff because I want it. So now I am trying to decide on some rewards.

What rewards do you have? I want to keep it cheaper and simple. Of course $5 to Starbucks isn’t really a reward to me. So I need to think outside the box, and it shouldn’t be food related. Any ideas?

One reward I am thinking about is tracking for a full 2 weeks, including 4 workouts each week I get a new haircut. But of course I can’t keep things like that up. So I need other ideas.


Sorry to disappear!

Life has been insane recently! The good kind where you are super busy and really productive. I have traveled for work, been celebrating birthdays and goodbyes with friends. It’s been a world-wind I tell ya! Check me out on twitter ( to see everything I have been doing.


My latest 2 projects have been photo-a-day on instagram (lindyc13) and #30daysofhappiness which ends on Saturday. I am planning a recap post. I did notice a theme at first of working out and food…so I tried to look beyond my norm to celebrate the happiness.
Ok back to the busy life and your regularly scheduled programs!