High 5 for Friday

It’s been a rough week, and today isn’t going to be great! But instead of complaining I am focusing on the POSITIVE. So by doing this link up I am still giving a high five for Friday!!



1. Dinner from Thursday night. We celebrated a friend’s birthday at Iron Bridge Wine, I had a hamburger and it was AMAZING!! And the fries,  not sure what they did, but wow they tasted good.

2. My new love, Chobani Mint Chip Greek yogurt. This may just change your life. Go have some.

3. Wine (well sparking moscato to be exact) and it was AWESOME as well! Also from dinner on Thursday.

4. Cute bear. . . we went to the National  zoo on Sunday and he was one of the cute creatures we saw.

5. Water bottle! I broke this out on Monday and have fallen in love with drinking water from it. Usually I don’t like metal water bottles, but this one is just great.

What high fives do you have for Friday?


High Five For Friday! (#5)

I find it amusing that today is H54F and it’s my 5th week linking up with the post! I am linking up with Lauren.



I had some fun playing with the collage today, but it’s kind of small. Hope you don’t mind.

1. Margarita Mondays at Chili’s YUMMY! And it’s sad for me to admit but it’s one of my favorite restaurants. 2. Tiara, yes I am a child and want one! Or maybe just a princess in disguise.
3. Chocolate covered raisins. . . my new obsession from Trader Joe’s!
4. Pretty french manicured nails! I got them done yesterday and love how they look. They are gels too which means they should last a while.
5. Runner Girl – might be hard to see but I promise that’s what it is! I received it as our “medal” for the Zooma 10K. I really like this meddle because it’s something I have actually worn.

So what’s your High Five for Friday?

High Five for Friday, #4

Happy Friday friends! How is everyone doing? We made it safely through the storms (and they weren’t nearly as bad as predicted, and I am OK with that). My week has been a bit of a weird one. Once again my schedule was a bit off, and next week is going to be more the of the same (which means not scheduled).

I love linkups! It gives me structure. It gives me a plan. So today I am linking up with Lauren. I also saw a new linkup for Tuesday, so stay tuned for that!

One thing I noticed for this week is I don’t have nearly enough pictures from my week. So today’s collage is some from online and some I just made today.

PicMonkey Collage21. Pupppies, Puppies, Puppies! Need I say more? The Puppy Cam is up! The Warrior Canine Connection had the newest set of puppies last week, and now we get to watch them grow. You should check them out and donate if you can!

2. Sweet and Sour Chicken: made for dinner on Tuesday night. It was delicious! You can see the recipe from Tuesday.

3. My run/Walk on Wednesday was awesome! Even though it felt like a million degrees that day I did a good pace and it made me happy. I haven’t been running nearly enough lately. So I need to get back on that.

4. Wedding invites: Finally designed and got a proof on Thursday. I am excited about it!

5. Free food for a year! Ok it’s only once a month, but still pretty awesome. And it was all because my dear friend suggested we go to dinner together! We sadly both have so much going on in our lives we don’t see each other nearly as much as we used to.

What awesome things can you share on this Friday about your week?

High Five for Friday, #3

Happy Friday folks! We made it through another week. I am happy to report I was fairly unscathed in the process. And here’s the newest H54F post to link up with Lauren!

PicMonkey Collage

My week since Saturday . . .

Zooma! Yup you read that right, I did a 10K on Saturday with my forever friend. We had fun, despite the heat. Short Ribs: Dinner on Thursday night at Iron Bridge was delish, so here’s the short ribs I had and of course
Wine: It was a sparkling pinot noir! That’s a new one for me.
Cute Shoes! Need I say more? Bought these at DSW a few weeks ago and finally managed to take them out of the closet. They are a bit tight right now (need to break them in) but so cute with the poka dots and red heel!
Starbucks: I had the $1 Grande Iced Coffee this morning . . . lovely way to start a Friday!

How was your week?

Restaurant Review: GreyStone Grill

Last weekend I visited GreyStone Grill for restaurant week. It was an interesting setup, being a fairly nice, moderately priced restaurant in a business park. Also it’s actually the bottom floor of an office building. Columbia never ceases to amaze me where they put restaurants. When you walk in the door you are truly transformed into a cozy, relaxing place. They have a fountain just past the hostess desk, and the bar is on the right with the majority of dining on the left. Some of the table are setup slightly weird, but my guess cozy for couples. Since it was girl friend and I we were not trying to get cozy with each other.

We started off our meal with the Calamari Rockefeller: Tender calamari lightly breaded and sautéed with fresh garlic, peppered bacon, chopped spinach, and diced tomato. Yes it was just as tasty as the description sounded! Next up was the salad course, I had a Classic Caesar, dressing on the side, and was delighted with the flavor and portion size. For the main course I chose the Filet Oscar, served over asparagus with jumbo lump crab meat. It also came with hollandaise sauce but I opted out of that (not really a fan), but afterwards I think I would have preferred a bit more flavor. The steak was cooked to my liking, medium rare, but didn’t have a whole lot of flavor. The asparagus was tasty! It also came with spaghetti squash as the vegetable. I enjoyed that as well, especially since it’s not really something I make myself.  Here are a shot of my dinner:

Photo Jan 18, 6 35 55 PM

We finished the meal with Crème Brulée: vanilla bean egg custard topped with caramelized sugar crust. To be honest it confirmed my eh feeling towards the dessert. I know many people rave, but I feel like I don’t love the custard texture so it’s just not something for me. I did enjoy the caramelized sugar crust though.

Overall I would give the restaurant a 2.5 out of 5 stars. I feel like if I am going to a place like Greystone I would rather go to Iron Bridge Wine Company, my favorite “nicer” restaurant.