Challenge Update and High 5 for Friday

So I finished up the Squat Challenge on Wednesday (I was a day behind). Sadly I didn’t get any of the results I was hoping for. I wasn’t down in inches in the areas I thought it would happen. So although I feel accomplished for finishing I am not sure I get the whole point. But even though I didn’t get the results I was hoping for I started a new challenge this month for pushups (see below).

Of course since it’s Friday here’s my Weekly High Five for Friday Linkup


I am changing things up! I am going to list the 5 then the picture.

  1. My green coffee mug! It’s special because I love the color green, I brought it from “home”, which to be honest I bad about doing.
  2. Push-Up Challenge! That’s the goal for August.
  3. New appliances! These make me happy each time I get to use them. They were just delivered a few days ago.
  4. Don’t you love the orange and purple shoes?? That’s all I am going say about them for now, we will see if they work out.
  5. Squat challenge! Yes I did 250 in one day, and yes I am very happy to be done.


What are your High Five’s for Friday?


High Five for Friday, #3

Happy Friday folks! We made it through another week. I am happy to report I was fairly unscathed in the process. And here’s the newest H54F post to link up with Lauren!

PicMonkey Collage

My week since Saturday . . .

Zooma! Yup you read that right, I did a 10K on Saturday with my forever friend. We had fun, despite the heat. Short Ribs: Dinner on Thursday night at Iron Bridge was delish, so here’s the short ribs I had and of course
Wine: It was a sparkling pinot noir! That’s a new one for me.
Cute Shoes! Need I say more? Bought these at DSW a few weeks ago and finally managed to take them out of the closet. They are a bit tight right now (need to break them in) but so cute with the poka dots and red heel!
Starbucks: I had the $1 Grande Iced Coffee this morning . . . lovely way to start a Friday!

How was your week?