Challenge Update and High 5 for Friday

So I finished up the Squat Challenge on Wednesday (I was a day behind). Sadly I didn’t get any of the results I was hoping for. I wasn’t down in inches in the areas I thought it would happen. So although I feel accomplished for finishing I am not sure I get the whole point. But even though I didn’t get the results I was hoping for I started a new challenge this month for pushups (see below).

Of course since it’s Friday here’s my Weekly High Five for Friday Linkup


I am changing things up! I am going to list the 5 then the picture.

  1. My green coffee mug! It’s special because I love the color green, I brought it from “home”, which to be honest I bad about doing.
  2. Push-Up Challenge! That’s the goal for August.
  3. New appliances! These make me happy each time I get to use them. They were just delivered a few days ago.
  4. Don’t you love the orange and purple shoes?? That’s all I am going say about them for now, we will see if they work out.
  5. Squat challenge! Yes I did 250 in one day, and yes I am very happy to be done.


What are your High Five’s for Friday?


Wednesday Wishes, #18

happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are doing well.

Wednesday WishesMy Wednesday Wish is:

  • to find a new home for my cats. I put Charlie (the sweet one) up on Craig’s List hoping to see if that can help. And I know this has been a wish for a while.
  • that this weird anxiety feeling I get when I think of all the stuff that has to happen in the next few months goes away.
  • that I find time to do all the things on my “to do” list.
  • that i measure tonight and see a difference since I did squats for the last 30 days! Only 50 more left of my 250 today.

What is your Wednesday Wish?

Motivation Monday & July Squat Challenge!

I once again had an awesome weekend! I was trying to figure our ways to extend it, but since we have the holiday weekend coming up I figured I would just have to deal with a few days of work again before the fun.

Usually my monday motivation is around fitness, today I am going to give you a little something else. My motivation these days is centered around being healthy for the rest of my life so I can spend lots of time with the ones I love! As you all  know I am getting married in a few short months. So I dedicated today’s motivation to my new best friend!


Oh and because we all need a little fitness, join me in the July squat challenge!