Wednesday Wishes

It’s been a while since I posted…life got the better of me and I haven’t had much time for the blog world. But I wanted to put out a Wednesday Wishes to put some positive energy out there.

Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday Wish is. . .

  • that I don’t lose ANYTHING else! in the last 24 hours I had to dumpster dive for my cake topper and now looking for a check I can’t find!
  • that I fit in to my dress tonight. They took it in a bit, let’s hope not too much.
  • that I can find small ways to relax this week and weekend and not stress over the wedding
  • that my Future Husband is no longer furloughed! It’s having him home doing stuff while I am at work, but really neither of us can take that very long.
  • that our Gov’t gets the S&*% together and passes a spending bill or at the very least a continuing resolution to fund all our Federal workers!

What are you Wednesday Wishes?


Wednesday Wishes, #18

happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are doing well.

Wednesday WishesMy Wednesday Wish is:

  • to find a new home for my cats. I put Charlie (the sweet one) up on Craig’s List hoping to see if that can help. And I know this has been a wish for a while.
  • that this weird anxiety feeling I get when I think of all the stuff that has to happen in the next few months goes away.
  • that I find time to do all the things on my “to do” list.
  • that i measure tonight and see a difference since I did squats for the last 30 days! Only 50 more left of my 250 today.

What is your Wednesday Wish?

Wednesday Wishes, #17

So it’s been a while since I did Wednesday Wishes, so I feel like I should bring it back (at least for this week).


Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday wish is . . .

  • that myself and a few others find ways to relieve the the stress we are feeling right now!
  • to continue my trend of good for me choices in life.
  • to remember that other people’s actions are  not my fault and I can not control them.
  • that the weekend brings nice weather!
  • for the appliance delivery to go smooth on Friday (another added stress).
  • that I continue to find joy in the little things.

What’s your Wednesday Wish?