It’s the 3rd day of Christmas

So it occurred to me that maybe I am doing it backwards, but I am OK with that! On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me 3 French Hens. So no I didn’t get French hens today but I did have French fries, from Chick fil a, that my true love did buy me. So close enough right, they are French or at least we pretend.

But that makes me think of the time I did go to France, where I don’t believe I had any French fries the whole time I was there. Honestly besides the crepes on the street I don’t even remember any of the food. But I do remember the beautiful scenery from France. I got to spend some time in the South of France in Nice, which was a beautiful beach, with a side trip to Monte Carlo. It was the most luxurious casino I have ever been to, and I have been to a few in Atlantic city and Vegas. Plus Nice had some of the best food ever! There were a lot of restaurants to choose from. After Nice we headed north, through Lyon, and finally up to Paris. Now that is one city I don’t feel like I gave a fair shot to. I think I need to go back, for more than 2 days, and really explore the path of the less traveled. I hit many of the major sites, and of course was wowed by the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but I want to see so much more of what the city has to offer. And the Mona Lisa is really small, so yes believe all they hype but it’s tiny in comparison to other paintings.

So that’s my version of the third day of Christmas! Join me tomorrow to see where the forth day will take us.


Tulip Tuesday

Yes I said it’s Tulip Tuesday because I have a picture of tulips to share with you!


Aren’t they pretty! I was in Philly this weekend with the boy and we were at the Liberty Bell. Behind the glass is where the bell is located. I remember going as a kid and it was outside. They built a very nice center around it with a whole bunch of history to read about the bell (before you actually get there). We also went to Independence Hall and the Rocky statue this weekend. We had a another amazing dinner at the Palm restaurant and ate Philly cheese steaks at Carmen’s in Reading Terminal.

They were super sweet wherever we went, especially at the Palm. They gave us free champagne so we could toast our engagement!  We even did a carriage ride around the streets of Philadelphia, including Society Hill. Although it was day time, and a bit chilly, we had a great time. It was very sweet and romantic of my boy!

What did you do this weekend?




Wednesday Wishes, #3

Yay for Wednesday wishes! Mainly because that means its Wednesday and the week is half over. This week has been a bit crazy with snow at the end of March and travel delays.

Wednesday Wishes

But without further adieu: My Wednesday Wish is . . .

  • I hear about some of the exciting things that so far have been put on hold.
  • That the warm weather is here to stay, it’s spring people.
  • That I can finally use my new toy, the polar heart rate monitor.
  • That my clean eating plans will kick back in to gear, haven’t been so good lately.
  • That today’s travel has no delays in store.
  • That I have a chance to pet a puppy soon.
  • That I figure out soon what to do with my cats since my travel schedule is about to get hectic and I am not home with them very often.

What’s your Wednesday Wishes?

It’s OK Thursday, week #3

I have fallen in love with link-ups! I think it’s a great way to start conversation and  “meet” new bloggers. A special shout out to all my new followers in the last 2 weeks. Welcome! Glad you are here and let me know if you are looking for anything in particular.

I have started doing It’s OK Thursday and linking to Brunch with Amber. So here’s this installment.


It’s OK . . .

. . . to only like some people some of the time and decide one day that someone just isn’t a person you really respect. . . . to love my hair straight but HATE straightening it and one reason to go see the hairdresser is so she makes is straight.
. . . to have no motivation at the gym when you are alone and have no specific goal you are working towards.
. . . to be crazy enough to think about getting your next race on the calendar because you want that goal!
. . . to be holding something “hostage” because you just are not quite ready yet . . . but will be soon (I think).
. . . to want to splurge some of your tax refund on a heart rate monitor even though you need to be saving for a few things.
. . . to love link ups!
. . . to realize sometimes you can’t have it all, but you are still going to try.
. . . to know that although life is REALLY good right now there are some amazing things to look forward to and embrace.
. . . to realize that my dreams are worth it even if so many feel I have already accomplished/done so much!

The land of Mickey

This past weekend I went to Orlando for a long weekend. I have a dear friend who moved there in June so this was my first chance to go visit her. It was a great weekend to be in the Disney area…there were lot’s to do, see and participate in! Here’s a recap of the fun that as had by all! Ok mainly me…but that’s what this blog is about right…my happiness (which right now is in abundance)!
Thursday: Delayed flight, but worked out in my favor because I was able to grab lunch at the airport (i was starving!) and enjoy it instead of taking it on board. Landed in Orlando and off to the Magic Kingdom we went. It was Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that night so many of the people were dressed up. I don’t do costumes though so instead I went with a cute t-shirt. As we walked in we entered the happiest place on earth!

We started with Space Mountain (let me tell you much scarier as an adult) and it was awesome! We also did Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World, Pooh’s Adventure and a bunch of others, I didn’t mark them down. The highlight of my night was the fireworks and then meeting some characters.

Friday: Day of relaxation! We went shopping, had lunch, went to the pool, and had an AWESOME sushi dinner at Shari. My friend lives downtown so we saw lots of the “nightlife” without having to really deal with any crazy people. It’s sad but I just might be too old for the club scene, and actually I am ok with that!

Saturday: Epcot Food and Wine Festival!! Amazing food, wine, friends and fun! We walked around Epcot for hours and hours sampling food from all the different countries and tasting some wine or beer along the way. My favorite was a toss up between the fish tacos in Mexico and the hand roll in Japan. Although some of the other choices were quite delectable. Each time you walked through a country you were transported the local culture.

We were lucky enough to catch the sun set over Epcot which was gorgeous….I wanted to just snap hundreds of pictures!

I was too lazy to bring my real camera so I ended up with amazing iPhone photos! Have to love modern technology! We also made a quick stop in downtown Disney so I could pick up some gifts on Saturday night.

Sunday: day of relaxation 2…we went to the Spa at the Gaylord Palms, Relache. I had a massage, but I feel like the rain shower was the highlight of the experience. It was all computer controlled and had like water jets from 5 different locations! It was a bit crazy, but also awesome! We then had brunch at the Villa de Flora (a Mediterranean cuisine themed restaurant) with mimosas. The food was awesome and I wish I could have eaten more, but not possible. I did have this guy for dessert (yes that’s a Shrek waffle).

So overall it was a great trip! I am looking forward to going back…but also happy to be home for a few weeks. Lots going on in my personal and professional life (I will save that for another post) that I want to enjoy!

What did you do this weekend?