C is for Cookie

In this case Cookie Monster…did you see the “Call me Maybe” spoof by Sesame Street? Goodness it’s very funny! Take a look:

Other’s C stand for Crabs…yummy crabs! I had them on Saturday with a friend. It seems like the thing to do this weekend since a bunch of my twitter and FB friends had them too. I did take a quick break to snap a picture of a crab.

I had a bunch of other C’s in mind but of course since i sat down to write I can not remember them. I know one of them may be clothing and my love of some new clothes I bought recently.

C is for Charlie, my kitty cat. I believe he has made a blog appearance before, but if not here’s another pic.

One of my last C’s is for cooking! I made some yummy dishes for today, veal cutlet parm and spinach pasta bake. I of course didn’t eat either of them today because I had a late lunch, but had to at least taste them…quite yummy!

What would C stand for in your world?


Concert Review: H2O Tour (Brad Paisley)

Saturday June 24 was quite the busy day! Early morning shopping trips, including a stop at the Amish market and Corridor Wines to get Cupcake wine! But the highlight of the day was the concert!

One the way we headed to Chili’s for dinner . . . that is one of the few chain restaurants, I don’t get tired going to! I love so much on their menu it’s always hard to make a choice. This time I went for the simplicity of a bacon cheese burger, it was the perfect saltiness, although I wish I had more fries! I haven’t really had fries in a while, but in the last few weeks I have been craving them and sadly this didn’t settle it! Of course the burger wasn’t nearly as good as Second Chance burgers.

Oh yes, enough of food, back to the concert. The night was a bit warm for a September concert, but the rain held out and we just had to deal with the humidity! Jerrod Niemann kicked off the main stage and sang a few of his hits. You may know the song that reached #1, Lover Lover. My personal fav is What Do You Want and of course One More Drinkin’ Song is a fun song to sign along with.

Next up was a Blake Shelton, even if you don’t listen to country you might know him from NBC’s the Voice! He was awesome, although not kid appropriate, but put on a great show. I am a big fan of some of his new songs like Honey Bee and God Gave Me You.

Finally the headliner took the stage and as expected Brad Paisley did not disappoint. He sang a few of my favorites including: Waiting on a Woman, This is Country Music, When I Get Where I am Going, and Remind Me (you can find the full set list at Setlist.fm).

During Waiting on a Women he again showed the video in the background and let Andy Griffith’s  pipe in as if he was there during the concert (same thing for Remind Me and Carrie Underwood). It get’s me every time towards the end where Andy is sitting on a bench at the beach showing him waiting on his woman after he’s left the world, I cry every time! As if that wasn’t enough they added more tears to my show by doing a tribute to those that have passed on during When I Get Where I Am Going and ended it with a picture of the Twin Towers and a fireman looking at the wreckage! I wish I had a picture of that scene but I did find a video on youtube from a few weeks ago that shows both of the songs!

Great concert!

What’s some of your favorite concert tributes?