Wednesday Wishes

It’s been a while since I posted…life got the better of me and I haven’t had much time for the blog world. But I wanted to put out a Wednesday Wishes to put some positive energy out there.

Wednesday Wishes

My Wednesday Wish is. . .

  • that I don’t lose ANYTHING else! in the last 24 hours I had to dumpster dive for my cake topper and now looking for a check I can’t find!
  • that I fit in to my dress tonight. They took it in a bit, let’s hope not too much.
  • that I can find small ways to relax this week and weekend and not stress over the wedding
  • that my Future Husband is no longer furloughed! It’s having him home doing stuff while I am at work, but really neither of us can take that very long.
  • that our Gov’t gets the S&*% together and passes a spending bill or at the very least a continuing resolution to fund all our Federal workers!

What are you Wednesday Wishes?


High 5 for Friday

It’s been a rough week, and today isn’t going to be great! But instead of complaining I am focusing on the POSITIVE. So by doing this link up I am still giving a high five for Friday!!



1. Dinner from Thursday night. We celebrated a friend’s birthday at Iron Bridge Wine, I had a hamburger and it was AMAZING!! And the fries,  not sure what they did, but wow they tasted good.

2. My new love, Chobani Mint Chip Greek yogurt. This may just change your life. Go have some.

3. Wine (well sparking moscato to be exact) and it was AWESOME as well! Also from dinner on Thursday.

4. Cute bear. . . we went to the National  zoo on Sunday and he was one of the cute creatures we saw.

5. Water bottle! I broke this out on Monday and have fallen in love with drinking water from it. Usually I don’t like metal water bottles, but this one is just great.

What high fives do you have for Friday?

Never Ever Ever Linkup!

So yes I know I said I would post more than link-ups but lately my writers block is getting the best of me. So instead I bring you The Never Ever Ever Linkup


I Never Ever Ever….

  • will understand how one gets a cold in the summer. The weird part is I bet I can pinpoint where the germs came from this weekend that caused me to wake up feeling like crap. I should have known it was coming since I felt weird all day yesterday!
  • want to stop attending concerts. And I am sad that I haven’t made it to one this year. Since you know I am been busy in a new relationship and wedding planning there never seems to be time. So now I have my eye on the Lady Antebellum/Kip Moore tour coming  this fall. I am hoping they make an East coast appearance!
  • want to plan a wedding again! This one is stressful enough. Maybe a vow renewal to the same guy, but getting divorced isn’t an option for us, so this one should be pretty easy to obtain.

Are you playing along?

Motivation Monday & July Squat Challenge!

I once again had an awesome weekend! I was trying to figure our ways to extend it, but since we have the holiday weekend coming up I figured I would just have to deal with a few days of work again before the fun.

Usually my monday motivation is around fitness, today I am going to give you a little something else. My motivation these days is centered around being healthy for the rest of my life so I can spend lots of time with the ones I love! As you all  know I am getting married in a few short months. So I dedicated today’s motivation to my new best friend!


Oh and because we all need a little fitness, join me in the July squat challenge!


Motivation Monday

It’s Monday again! How does that happen so quickly? I will tell you how, great weekends that you don’t want to end. Time spent with those that you love and adore.


For today, remember it’s not the small differences you notice every day but the big difference a whole year makes! Keep that in mind next time you are feeling like you see no changes. Remember this applies not only to health and fitness but many aspects of our lives!