home sweet NY home

This weekend I took the trek up to NY. You wonder why I call it a trek, do you? Well the perfect example is that on Friday we left around 10 am and we were safely up in NY (with a stop) by 2 PM. Yes folks if you are counting that’s about 4 hours. That same trek on the way back took nearly 7!! Yes you read that right, 7! I know the reasoning behind the much longer trek was the crazy monsoon weather we were having and the bane of my existence (the belt pkwy) was flooded! As if that wasn’t enough the NJ turnpike (oh yes I hate you NJ) had a 17 mile back-up. Lucky for me I was with a nifty travel companion and the GPS, between the 3 of us we worked our way around the situations.

It was a weekend of a few firsts for me, it’s been a while since I could say that. As part of our trek we headed to watch the Yankees play at their new stadium (since I didn’t make it there in 2010), and not only did they win, but I got to see a grand slam hit by Jorge Posada! After the game, we (and by we I mean peachy and I) headed to one of our favorite places in the world, the beach! Yes it was night time, yes it was humid out, yes it was moments away from the monsoon beginning, but we didn’t care! It was a night like so many others from so long ago, that going to the beach to hear the waves, smell the ocean, and feel the salt water on your skin was exactly what we needed. If you remember I have been on a quest for the beach for quite some time, and I haven’t managed to make it there this summer. So here are a few pics of our beachy evening!

Here is the boardwalk (and if you look closely you see NOTHING like the Jersey or MD shores)! It’s just simplicity at it’s best, and there are a few people walking or biking, but given the kind of night, there weren’t too many.

Of course I stood and looked at the moon light on the water!

After our beach excursion we headed back to town, and went to an old high school hang out, the Val Brook Dinner. I had the best chicken salad sandwich and it definitely was worth every bite! I guess the main highlight of this place is that we used to go here like every weekend with a big group of us and order mozzarella cheese fries, you can’t get that most places!

To finish off the home sweet NY home trip I had the customary NY pizza, hot dogs on the grill made by my dad, dortoni’s canoli and cookies, and Magic Bagels (I even took some back for the week).

To finish off my weekend of firsts (and to avoid the flooding) I ended up driving through 2 tunnels (Mid-town and Lincoln) and through downtown Manhattan. All of which I have never done before! You would think living in NY for most of my life (although not most of my driving life) I would have driven through the city, but you are wrong! So here’s another one for the bucket list I can check off!

What first did you do this weekend? What’s on your bucket list?