Reward Weekend

People it’s finally here! I have a whole weekend of no training runs and rewards. A few months back I talked about rewards along the way, well that never really happened so this weekend I am treating myself. I have  a little extra money because of my tax refund and I have decided to take advantage and do a few things.

First off I bought my new toy! It’s a Polar Heart Rate Monitor . . . and yes it’s pink . . . and yes I am not usually a pick girl but this just caught my eye. I only got it today so I am excited to use it next week!


Tomorrow I am also going to get my hair cut! It hasn’t been touched since November so it’s definitely in need of some TLC. I am also spending time with one of my besties . . . so I am sure shopping or girlie stuff is sure to happen! I am hoping she wants to go for manicures, but if not I may save that till Sunday.

What have you done to reward yourself lately?


Tid bit Friday

So it’s been about a week since  my last post and life has been (as usual) quite busy. My 2013 plan to simplify was going well and then I hit some bumps in the road. Some are great, some not so much. So here’s what I have been pondering over the last week.

Fitness and Eating: the plan to work out and eat “cleaner” is working. I don’t really feel deprived, I am enjoying my working out and I am losing weight. So YAY! It’s hard to always fit the time in with everything else in my life but thankfully work hasn’t been too crazy right now so I have been ok.

Home Life: Well I had some Super Storm Sandy damage, that finally got fixed on Monday. Tuesday I came home to my heat blowing cold air, so now I have to have it replaced. I have spent a lot of time in my house this week, which has been nice because I got caught up on my DVR, but also frustrating because it’s going to require lots more money.

Dating Life: I feel like it’s finally time to let you all know I have been dating someone. It’s going really well and I am super excited about it. I don’t want to give to many details because honestly I don’t feel like it’s necessary. But the long story short is I have known him since Sept. and we have been together since mid-Oct. It just feel right. He is definitely helping to add balance to my life!

Rewards: From the last post, I am still thinking on this. But a few ideas are definitely nails, hair, and music. Little milestones along the way. And as you see above I need to put myself on a strict budget so these really do have to be less expensive rewards!

What’s new in your world? What are you Friday Tidbits?